COO's Message

From the desk of the Chief Operating Officer of the ESCATEC Group

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Soon-To-Be Customers!

While 2012 continues to be a challenging year for the industry due to the continuing uncertainty in the world economic situation, I am pleased to report that it has been a very busy first half of the year for the ESCATEC Group.

Our biggest news of the year so far has been the sale and transfer of our Shanghai business unit to new owners. In April, what started as discussions about a possible Joint Venture, finally concluded with Swiss Precision Industries (SPI) purchasing ESCATEC Mechatronics Shanghai (EMS) outright. The purchase will combine SPI’s precision stamping and die making facility in Shanghai, China with the injection moulding and mould making facilities of the former company (EMS) which is located nearby. The resulting new company, Swiss Precision Component Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (SPCM) is expected to offer a more diverse range of capabilities to both SPI’s customers and the former customers of EMS. 

George Strasbaugh joined us as a Representative Agent in the USA, and we have continued to develop our relationship with our strategic partners, SMT Corporation of Wisconsin, providing a “Gateway” for North American customers into our Asian mass production facilities. We are shortly expecting to welcome the first new customers from these engagements into Malaysia. In addition, our enhanced “Gateway” process through our Switzerland facility has enabled us to welcome several new European customers to the Group.
Our investment in new technologies and improved processes has continued apace in the first half of this year with a number of key programs now implemented.

In Johor Bahru, our Lean Manufacturing and investment program has led to a significant upgrade and re-layout of our SMT assembly facilities to provide enhanced capacity and better efficiency of operation for electronics PCB assembly. Additionally we added robotics systems to our injection moulding facility there to implement an automated, operator free moulding operation.

In Penang, we have seen an expansion of our controlled environment box-build assembly lines within our medical products business unit to accommodate the growth that we are seeing from a number of our customers in this important industry sector.

In Switzerland, we have completed the installation of a new SMT line based on SiPlace SX technology. This new single high speed line replaces two existing lines to give ESCATEC Switzerland a big improvement in throughput and efficiency of operations. Our operations in Switzerland have also been enhanced by the addition of a laser marking system for PCBA’s to improve traceability and quality control.

ESCATEC Switzerland has also recently completed the process validation of its new Package-on-Package capabilities making ESCATEC one of the few EMS companies of our size to be able to offer this advanced process within the heart of Europe.

As always, we continue in our dedicated efforts to provide the very best competitiveness, capabilities and customer service for our highly valued and prestigious existing and future customers.

At your service,
Markus Walther

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