Swiss Photonics Group promotes high standards in the manufacture of optical products

ESCATEC is a founding member of the Swiss Photonics Group that promotes high standards in the manufacture of optical products

Heerbrugg, Switzerland – 10 December 2013 – ESCATEC Switzerland AG, the EMS innovator, has become a founding member of the professional group "Photonics" at SWISSMEM.  SWISSMEM is the organisation that unites the Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering industry and associated technology oriented sectors.

"Being a founding member of this SWISSMEN professional group for the Photonics industry, puts ESCATEC in a very good position to support this growing industry in Switzerland with ESCATEC's outstanding knowledge and experience in Research, Design and Development," said Dr. Thomas Dekorsy, General Manager of ESCATEC Switzerland AG.  “This is supported by our strong Integrated Electronics Manufacturing Services and box-build abilities in Europe and in Asia that provides low cost, high volume manufacturing to the same high standards of quality and precision that we pioneer here in Switzerland.”

The professional group "Photonics" is an industrial network for design and development professionals and manufacturers of optical and photonic systems and/or the corresponding components.  The "Photonics" professional group coordinates and promotes the interest and activities of Swiss-based companies to develop and to manufacture high-level products with best quality.

ESCATEC is one of the few Contract Research and Manufacturing companies to provide a dedicated Micro Optic and Electronics Manufacturing Services (MOEMS) facility that operates a Class 7 clean room with a range of production capabilities for manufacturing high precision, high quality micro devices.  These usually involve LEDs that can be custom made with bespoke packaging to meet the precise customer requirements right up to military and medical specifications. 

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