Industrial cum Automation Engineer


§  Design a manufacturing system that integrate workers, machines, materials, workers’ safety,

technology, environment concerns and cost to produce a product with no errors and no quality

issue, with maximum efficiency and minimum waste.

§  Develop management control systems to improve the efficiency in production management.

§  Identify automation project from current production.

§  Propose automation proposal and concept during EFQ stage and present to customer.

§  Prepare ROI, propose automation concept to management.

§  Design, fabricate and implement automation project to production.

§  To liaise with supplier for quotation, technical discussion and implementation which includes

machine validation, buy off.

§  Provide training to the user and technical support to the existing automation machine.

§  Implement mistake proof (poka-yoke) solution to resolve quality issue.

§  Provide management personnel about manufacturing capabilities.

§  Planning factory layout and design assembly lines.

§  To perform any task assign by superior.



§  Degree in industrial engineering, preferably GMI trained.

§  At least 5 years relevant working experience in IE, automation, hands-on experience in

application and integration of automation solution in manufacturing, cycle time study, jig and

fixture design and lean manufacturing principles and practices.

§  In-depth knowledge in Robotics, PLC programming, HMI, control system and etc.