Senior SMT/Staff Engineer


  • Responsible for overall maintenance of SMT machine
  • Coordinate the fabrication of stencil and fixtures for SMT manufacturing use
  • Ensure all external outsource jobs are carried out according to requirements and quality standards
  • Manage preventive maintenance and spare parts
  • Response for the SMT line issues and internal/external quality feedbacks
  • Trouble shoot the SMT process root causes and attain the corrective action to the issues
  • Control of components drop page at the machine
  • Carry out the solder ability test for the expired components, attached with deviation report if still useable or alternate scrap the expired component if failed the test
  • Carry out the process analysis pertaining to SMT components and come out the engineering report (feedback form) to IQA if the components are having quality issue
  • Prepare ROI as per the needed from superior especially technical term on the machine specification
  • Prepare some minor SMT layout when there is the need


  • Preferably a Degree or Diploma in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
  • Must have at least 3 years similar working experience
  • Good supervisory skills to lead the SMT technician team
  • Good english communication skills
  • Able to work independently and being a team player
  • Knowledge at SPC and Quality standard
  • Experience in 5M’s (Machine, Man, Method, Material & Money)
  • Keen interest/ability for in-depth technical problem solving / knowledge of in-line AOI programming is a plus
  • Possess programming/ line balancing skills for the pick and place machines


Please e-mail your CV to Ms. GH Ho, HR Officer at GH.Ho(at),  Phone: + 60 4 6113 228