SMT Technician


  • Carry out the models changeover and setup preparation for the SMT manufacturing use
  • Carry out daily, weekly and monthly for overall maintenance of SMT machine
  • Ensure the cleanness of stencil and fixtures for SMT manufacturing use
  • Carry out SMT or product requirements and quality standards according to the SMT checklist requirements
  • Control of components drop page at the machine, debug if needed
  • Carry out the solder ability test for the expired components
  • Load and ensure correct program into SMT paste printer/ SMT machine
  • Balancing the SMT line speed according to the machine CPH
  • Ensure and control of spare usage
  • To ensure SPC/ Profile measurement are according to the specification before running production


  • Preferably a certificate or diploma of Engineering
  • Must have at least 3 years similar working experience
  • Able to work independently and being a team player
  • Knowledge at SPC and Quality standard
  • Experience in 5M’s (Machine, Man, Method, Material & Money)


Please e-mail your CV to Ms. GH Ho, HR Officer at GH.Ho(at),  Phone: + 60 4 6113 228