New Product Introduction (NPI)

ESCATEC’s aim is to provide the lowest possible total cost of ownership to our customers. This is achieved by providing product development and product industrialisation services close to the customers’ R&D centres, and by a seamless transfer of the mass production to our low cost manufacturing factories in South East Asia.

We summarise the set of activities necessary to achieve this - beginning with translating a customer’s idea into a technical specification and ending in the production, sale, and delivery of the product - as New Product Introduction (NPI).

New Product Introduction at ESCATEC is based on two major principles; The first is the Process itself which divides a project into a sequence of well defined stages enabling the risks that would be inherent in taking one large step to be identified, managed, mitigated and avoided. The second is a structured and well defined process of Project Management - the managerial functions, managerial organisation, managerial techniques and managerial tools used in the process of successfully delivering a project.