Design for eXcellence (DfX)

Besides a team of highly qualified engineers, with a permanent focus on DfX, there are several procedures and tools implemented at ESCATEC to make the whole process of DfX possible:

Design for Quality:

  • Standardised Product Development Process
  • Product- / Process FMEA
  • Design Reviews

Design of Environment:

  • Eco-Design Rules

Design for Cost:

  • Target Costing
  • Total Supplier Management
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Component Engineering

Design for Test:

  • System Test
  • Function Test 
  • Build In Self-test

Design for Manufacturing:

  • Design Guide Lines
  • Computer-aided analysis of PCB Layout
  • Computer-aided analysis of Placement

DfX enables us to improve the design of a customer’s product at an early stage in order to prevent additional design prototyping loops. In practising DfX ESCATEC aims to save money and time for our customer.