16 Jun, 2011 / BY John Mayes

Beyond electronics: Precision mechatronics manufacturing is all part of the service at The Paragon Electronics Group

EMS companies typically focus on their ability to deliver PCB assemblies. However, at The Paragon Electronics Group, the remit of a traditional EMS company has evolved into much more. In addition to producing high quality PCB assemblies, Paragon, through its group companies JJS Electronics Ltd and JJS Electronics sro, also takes responsibility for cable assembly, box-build, mechatronics assembly and precision mechatronics. For a growing number of customers, Paragon provides a wide array of electronic, electrical and mechatronics manufacturing services, including highly complex machine builds.

Uniting advanced electrical, electronic and mechanical assembly skills sets, Paragon is fast being recognised throughout the UK and beyond for its precision mechatronics manufacturing services. With manufacturing facilities in the UK and Central Europe, Paragon customers also benefit from an extensive supply chain capability with experience of electronic and electrical components, custom plastics, machined components and fabricated metalwork. Extensive mechatronics and electro-pneumatic assembly skills are complemented by lean manufacturing principles, in addition to advanced services such as configure-to-order and direct-ship outbound logistics. The result is a highly evolved approach to EMS, an approach that is increasingly capturing the attention of OEMs as they look to reduce costs and increase flexibility.

Commenting on the company’s extended approach to EMS, Group Managing Director, John Mayes, explains: “PCB assembly is usually seen as the cornerstone of EMS. Indeed, for the majority of EMS companies, this is their business. However, at Paragon, we extend the remit much further. In addition to customers who rely on us for PCB assembly services, we have others where we have an extended partnership which sees us take on additional responsibility which includes mechatronics assembly and precision mechatronics. But this is not new for us; we’ve been delivering precision mechatronics manufacturing services for over 25 years. As a consequence, by partnering with us, our customers can reduce their costs and remove business complexity to rapidly respond to unforeseen demand.”

Often with an equal number of parts to a PCB assembly, many complex mechanical assemblies demand similarly high levels of skill, precision, accuracy and consistency to their electronic counterparts. The Paragon Group’s JJS Electronics has built its reputation on having an unusually high level of electro-mechanical skills, including testing of mechanical and pneumatic assemblies. Tight control of the material supply chain ensures that as with electronic parts, the availability of mechanical parts is scheduled for timely production. Lean manufacturing techniques, a well managed inventory pipeline and rapid replenishment through a Kanban-based ‘pull’ system, all ensure the system’s agility. Sophisticated configure-to-order systems and outbound logistics complete the services portfolio.