Complete Electronics and Box Build Solutions

We design and manufacture high-grade electronics and box build solutions, on time with best-in-class quality and at a competitive price.


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About ESCATEC solutions
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Key Market Segments

ESCATEC Market Segments

We offer 46 years of accumulated expertise in diverse market segments  -  from Industrial, Medical Devices (incl. respirators & ventilators),  Energy, Automotive, Consumer Products, LED & Lighting, Beverage Systems, Communications, Instrumentation, Building Automation, etc, all the way to Advanced Electronics, Mechatronics, MOEMS, Design & Development and complete Box Build solutions. 


Find out more about our market segments in ESCATEC Solutions.

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Corporate Governance

Conducting Business in a Responsible Way

We create lasting value for our customers and partners with the ESCATEC Corporate Governance system. We actively seek and apply the highest global standards as the basis for all our decision-making and control processes. 

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Jobs & Careers

Commitment with Passion

At ESCATEC, we value people who show a real passion for what they do and who inspire their colleagues and customers. When you join ESCATEC you become part of a big family. As a company and within our teams, we live by family values.


Build your career with ESCATEC. We respect and value our employees and recognize and reward good performance.


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Thomas Klauser
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Nathan Ramalingam
Business Development Manager - SE Asia & Australasia
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