Less is more: practicing Lean Six Sigma

Posted on Friday November 17, 2017

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Lean Six Sigma certification is top priority at the ESCATEC Group and we are proud to say more of our employees continue to achieve Lean Six Sigma Black and Green Belt certification.


Why is certification so important and what is Lean Six Sigma (LSS)? Lean Six Sigma is actually a combination of two methods: Lean and Six Sigma. It’s an unbeatable combination and effectively lowers costs. LSS enables sustainable quality with shorter delivery times and at lower cost. By using this method, ESCATEC delivers added value to its customers.


In a nutshell, the Six Sigma method measures how many “defects” or obstructions prevent a company from meeting customer needs and eliminates them, one-by-one, until the product is as close to zero defects as possible. Lean is all about removing waste or non-essentials in the manufacturing process, such as excessive waiting time, overproduction, inventory, rework or transport.

Most importantly, Lean creates an environment for continuous improvement. Products streamlined by a Lean management are more efficient, economical, and faster to market with higher quality. Together these methods ensure the customer receives as much added value as possible.

The driving force

Johan Halling, general manager at ESCATEC’s Penang headquarters, is committed to LSS and is the driving force behind creating certified Black and Green Belt experts throughout the company. Projects selected by senior management are being run by Black and Green Belts, who redesign or just rethink areas and processes for optimisation.

Thanks to Johan, using the LSS method has raised the bar of quality and efficiency at ESCATEC. We eagerly look forward to each new batch of freshly certified “Belts”.

“Lean Six Sigma has had a very positive effect in ESCATEC. It’s taught us to never stop striving for perfection. We continuously analyse and systematically optimise the way we operate. It drives us to achieve better results every day.”

Johan Halling

General manager of ESCATEC's Headquarters in Penang