ESCATEC gears up with state-of-the-art tech & equipment to meet strong growth

Penang, Malaysia - December 3, 2020

Recent weeks have seen a steady stream of state-of-the-art new technology, machinery and assembly lines being installed and commissioned at ESCATEC’s facilities in Penang and Johor Bahru.
The catalyst behind the significant investment is a string of new customers requiring advanced processes and high production capacity, as well as meeting the evolving needs of existing customers.
This recent storm of activity is all the more remarkable considering the short timelines for  ESCATEC Electronics & ESCATEC Medical (both based in Penang) and for ESCATEC Mechatronics (based in Johor Bahru) to gear up, within an environment where all ESCATEC’s facilities are operating under very strict Health & Safety SOPs due to the ongoing global pandemic.
Concurrently, in both Penang and Johor Bahru, an intensive training programme was put into place to upskill production & engineering employees to ensure that our biggest asset – our employees – have the necessary skills and knowledge to put the new tech & machinery to optimum use.
The feedback from customers on ESCATEC’s efforts have been very positive, notes CEO Patrick Macdonald, who has ambitious plans for growth over the coming years.
“This investment makes a big statement to our existing and potential new customers that ESCATEC is ready to invest and grow together with them. Our success can only be built by providing long-term winning solutions for all our customers,” states Mr. Macdonald.
According to the vendors and ESCATEC engineers, a good portion of the new machinery that has been installed (or will very soon be installed) in Penang and Johor Bahru represents some of the most advanced electronics manufacturing & assembly technology in South East Asia.  
In a nutshell, “ESCATEC is gearing for very strong growth,” says Mr. Macdonald, who took over the helm of the Group in June this year.
The new equipment in ESCATEC Penang and ESCATEC Mechatronics includes:
  • Several new back-end assembly lines
  • Three units of ASM DEK-TQ Stencil Printers
  • Two units of hi-speed Yamaha YSM20R Mounter
  • FACC 680 Superfast Automated insertion machine
  • Post-wave 3D automated inspection machine
  • DFX Upgraded “Valor” design software
  • Testers (developed in-house)
  • Additional ICT TRI5001 Base Station
  • Additional unit of “Heller” 13-zone oven machine
  • Upgraded fully automated Syntronics washing machine
  • Asymtek conformal coating line
  • Very high speed ASM “Siplace” Speedstar machines
  • “Wimin” Double Head Router machine
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On the right: CEO Patrick Macdonald
1: New advanced YSM 20R mounter in ESCATEC Mechatronics.
2: New assembly lines being set up in ESCATEC Penang.
3: ESCATEC Penang GM Lambert Schutters inspects the delivery of new machinery.
4: New ASM SMT line in ESCATEC Penang.
5 & 6: Production Operators undergoing training.
CEO Patrick Macdonald.JPG