New 3D printer facilitates rapid prototyping, proving of design concepts, and creation of jigs & fixtures

Penang, Malaysia - February 27, 2020

ESCATEC recently commissioned an Ultimaker S5 3D printer for its main facility in Bayan Lepas, Penang, for use by Design and Process Engineers to facilitate rapid prototyping, proving of design concepts, and creation of jigs & fixtures.   
The nifty new printer – about the size of a large oven – is proving to be very handy for ESCATEC Electronics, ESCATEC Medical and ESCATEC Technology, all of which are based at the main facility.
“It has helped us to speed up the process of designing and manufacturing a product,” notes Lin Ming Chin, Section Head Mechanical Design at ESCATEC Technology. 
Lin, who managed the commissioning of the new printer, said where previously ESCATEC may have needed to outsource some prototyping and/or jigs & fixtures to external suppliers, which would have cost more in time and money, the new printer enables ESCATEC Penang to do all of that in-house as and when required.
“The end result is that production is running more efficiently (less downtime) and the engineers can also quickly produce prototypes to evaluate design quality,” said Lin.
Netherlands based Ultimaker describe their S5 printer as follows, “Built to run continuously and maximize uptime, Ultimaker S5 combines dual extrusion, advanced connectivity, and an open filament system – ready to make 3D printing accessible for even more applications, from rapid prototyping to creating on-demand tooling and end-use parts”.
Lin notes that while the S5 printer in Penang is proving to be useful and cost-effective, it is not as cutting-edge when compared to the 3D printing capability in ESCATEC Switzerland AG.
ESCATEC Switzerland, besides being a production facility for advanced electronic products, also hosts the Group’s Design & Development (D&D) Centre and is the proud owner of a higher-end Stratasys 3D printer.
The Stratasys printer provides ESCATEC’s D&D engineers in Switzerland the capability to combine a variety of colours and materials to create highly realistic and detailed prototypes. Such prototypes – essentially exact replicas of the final product -  are invaluable in helping customers make decisions and hasten the process of design revisions, testing and refining.
Both in Switzerland and Penang, ESCATEC’s 3D printing capability is a great tool that helps save valuable lead time and material costs for customers.
Established in 1974, the Swiss-owned ESCATEC Group has a long history of providing design, engineering and manufacturing solutions to numerous world-leading OEMs.
Photo 1 (at right): The Ultimaker S5 3D printer at ESCATEC Penang.
Photo 2 below: Example of a manufacturing jig (the black plastic component) produced by the new 3D printer.
Photo 3 below: The 3D printed manufacturing jig being used in production.
Photo 4 below: Another example of a jig (the white plastic screw place holder) produced by the new 3D printer.
Photo 5 & 6 below: The hi-tech  Stratasys 3D printer at ESCATEC Switzerland AG.
Photo 7 below: ESCATEC Switzerland hosts the Group's Design & Development Centre.
1. Ultimaker S5.JPG