Our experts analyse your idea, design or product and provide you with detailed suggestions for improvement. With over 30 years experience we will guide you in the right direction. 



This workshop

  • Reduces costs while maintaining or improving performance and quality
  • Works for existing products and products in the design phase
  • Leads to improvements in both product and process

What does it cost?

Depending on your requirements, a typical 2 day workshop costs between 2000 - 6000 USD. For an exact quote tailored to your needs, contact us today. 

Design for Quality

Trust us with your brand and benefit from Swiss quality and high standards

Design for Environment

We work with you to reduce the impact your product has upon the environment

Design for Costs

Our value engineering advice provides increased functionality and tangible cost savings

Design for Test

We make sure test is ‘built in’ to your hardware design from the start saving you time and money

Design for Manufacturing

Our experts make sure your design moves seamlessly between prototyping and volume production

Design for Experiments

We take a systemic approach to identifying potential design issues and root causes before they happen


"ESCATEC helped us to save 45 % of our manufacturing costs."
"Great job ... thank you for helping us to avoid big troubles in our design."
" ... an increase of 30 % in optical efficiency: this is amazing."