17 Jun, 2021 / BY Neil Sharp

SIEMENS case study highlights very effective use of VALOR software

Global powerhouse SIEMENS today released a case study that highlighted the very efficient use of Valor Process Preparation software by fast-expanding electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, ESCATEC. 

The case study noted that ESCATEC successfully reduced re-spin turnaround times by a massive 96% i.e. from 6-8 weeks previously using the standard industry practice of "trial and error" to less than a day currently.

Valor Process Preparation enables ESCATEC to quickly detect potential design and manufacturing problems at a very early stage. This capability has significantly shortened NPI turnaround times, bringing real benefits to ESCATEC and its customers in terms of time, cost and quality” notes Patrick Macdonald, CEO of ESCATEC.

Download the Case Study