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At ESCATEC, we don’t just build great products for our customers; we also build great careers. If you’re curious, passionate, innovative, and adventurous, you could make an impact. Our goal is to empower our people to carve their own careers and achieve their true potential. As proponents of internal development, it’s our mission to create an environment where employees can flourish creatively and professionally—whatever their passion may be.



With global demand for contract manufacturing continuing to rise, this continued growth, along with a proven track record of talent development, will enable you to fulfil your true career potential.

We develop and manufacture products for some of the most innovative OEMs worldwide. We support customers with high-end design and manufacturing solutions from our strategically positioned business units.

Combining electronics, electrical, pneumatics and a wide range of mechanical components, our people have the opportunity to pursue many career paths with our training and development programmes that are aimed at elevating and progressing people. We’ve created an environment that enables and encourages you to unlock your full potential.

  • Over 3000 employees of more than 30 nationalities
  • Production facilities in Penang and Johor Bahru (Malaysia), Heerbrugg (Switzerland), Lutterworth (UK),  Chomutov (Czech Republic), and Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
  • Serving a wide range of market segments
  • Design & Development, Advanced Electronics & PCBs, MOEMS, Medical, Industrial, LED & Lighting, ATEX, and Box Build, at our Swiss facility
  • Medical, Industrial, Automotive, High-End Consumer, Box Build, and Plastic Moulding, in Penang
  • Industrial, Automotive, Beverage Systems, Smart Metering, High-End Consumer, Box Build, and Plastic Moulding, in Johor Bahru
  • Industrial Automation, Process Control, Scientific, Test & Measurement, in the UK
  • Electromechanical assembly, Industrial Automation, Process Control, Scientific, Test & Measurement, in the Czech Republic
  • SMT, Through Hole Assembly (Hand, Wave & Selective Solder), Box Build, Functional Testing, Laser Marking and Plastic Injection Moulding in Bulgaria


  • Competitive pay
  • Generous holiday entitlement
  • Annual performance reviews
  • Clean, modern and safe working conditions
  • Open communication at all levels
  • Fast growing company
  • Strong focus on continuous improvement
  • Structured training and development programmes
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Accessible Leadership and Management teams
  • International career development opportunities
  • Opportunity to work with clients in high tech market sectors

Constant innovation

Delivering innovative design, manufacturing and supply chain solutions to our global customer base, we commit to our team’s continuous learning and development. Our achievements are underpinned by staff who are constantly encouraged to explore new ways of thinking and working.

We want to encourage more remarkable people to join our team and develop with us to become the next generation of talented and innovative engineers and manufacturers. We nurture potential talent by funding training & education and enabling promotions.

Do you have the tenacity to drive ideas forward, broaden your horizons and take risks? Are you a curious pioneer? Join us on our continuous journey to growth and expansion at an extraordinarily progressive time.



We offer apprenticeship programs in the following departments of our Swiss facility in Heerbrugg: Design engineer and IT. Our partner for apprenticeship programs is libs in Heerbrugg, Switzerland. If you are interested please send your application directly.

Electronic Manufacturing Employment Opportunities

Are you a curious, passionate, adventurous person looking to learn new skills and develop alongside a diverse group of like-minded people? Then why not let your remarkable talent make an impact in the manufacturing world by joining our team at ESCATEC.


“What inspires and motivates me every day to work at ESCATEC is the flat hierarchy and practice-oriented processes. In addition I appreciate the value of diverse services and technical understanding we can offer to our customers. Being a part of a innovative and  application/implementation focused company that is at the forefront of new technological advancements keeps everyday exciting and interesting. Every day at ESCATEC is a new challenge and keeps me mentally healthy.”

Martin Ammann - Project Manager

“Every day is a new day at ESCATEC. The learning curve is steep but rewarding. I am given the space and freedom to come up with the best ideas to make things work. We have an open communication culture at ESCATEC and work together in a network of teams, where my idea and input are appreciated.”

Veshalini Caggese - Business Unit Manager

“Working at ESCATEC is so exciting because you learn more every day. All employees are very friendly and always willing to help. The best thing about working at ESCATEC is that you can develop yourself with the help of the company.”

Jessica Plank - Marketing Coordinator

“Each day is varied, and I never got bored which I think is great! It was great to be trusted to work independently and I got a real taste for different areas of the business. ESCATEC gave me free rein to get creative in lots of areas which allowed me to show my personality and creativity. What I liked best is the working atmosphere at ESCATEC. Like every other employee, I was respected and genuinely felt like I was part of their team.”

Lena Roloff - Holiday Worker

At ESCATEC, I've not just found colleagues but friends too. From the start, I've been part of an exceptional team. The projects and tasks are challenging and diverse, making each day exciting. What sets a great employer apart for me is one that supports a work-life balance. Having the flexibility to meet both professional and family responsibilities without neglecting either is invaluable.

Melanie Ben Chekaya - HR Officer

“For me, working at ESCATEC means turning conceptual ideas into fully functional products. I am fortunate to work on new projects across a wide range of different industries. Each day we are faced with new technical challenges and these are solved together with great team spirit and commitment.”

Pascal Weder - Software Development Engineer

“The variety of innovative microsystem projects always inspires me. The deep technical knowledge and experience shared within the team help to advance my career as I continue to learn every day. Successful team collaboration and my own personal development are always in the foreground at ESCATEC”

Alexander Grabher - Microsystems Packaging Engineer R&D

“ESCATEC continues to inspire me with its diversity and career opportunities. As a global company, it is my privilege to share knowledge and experiences with motivated industry professionals across a variety of cultural backgrounds. ESCATEC takes a proactive approach to staff wellbeing and regularly supports social events, both inside and outside the company. ESCATEC provides an enriching and supportive environment where success and achievements are always recognised.”

Karen Dare - Business Development Manager

“I enjoy working at ESCATEC as I am able to learn something new every day. I can constantly improve and perfect my own skills thanks to the more experienced colleagues around me who are willing to pass on their knowledge. Together, we work as a team to overcome challenges and keep our customers happy.”

Aneta Sprlakova - Assistant Account Manager

“For me, working at ESCATEC represents an opportunity for continuous self-improvement and personal growth. I have the opportunity to develop and implement my own new ideas and projects that contribute to the prosperity of the company. Working as part of a well-coordinated team is very fulfilling for me .”

Jan Napravnik - Process Engineer

“Working at ESCATEC challenges my thinking every day and this is what I like the most. With every challenge I overcome, my own skills grow. During my time at ESCATEC I have been fortunate to work as part of a great team that is always ready to help. Everyone supports each other which not only increases their own knowledge and understanding, but also offers our customers the very best service.”

Hana Slemerova Minarikova - Section Head Quality

“ESCATEC has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of IT systems and procedures. I am a member of a great team who are always ready to help me despite their own workload. We have already implemented several ideas and projects that have improved working conditions and made it easier for colleagues to carry out tasks in general.”

Stanislav Lesak - IT Support Technician

“For me, working at ESCATEC means stability and development whilst using the experience I have already acquired. The opportunity to fulfil my personal ambitions gives me the energy and desire to work harder. What I enjoy most is the diversity and working as part of a growing team.”

Jana Fialova - Senior Operator

“ESCATEC cares so much about its employees. With flexi-time it’s very easy to balance both home life and work. It is great to see that the company identified my potential early on and I have already begun to progress within ESCATEC. Another great thing about working for the company is that they hold listening Groups with the Management Team where you get your chance to have a say, which helps everyone feel like one team.”

Ben Hubbard - Assistant Account Manager

“In my role, there is always a new challenge, no two days are the same. There is always more to learn and opportunities to grow within the company. If there is something you want to know, there is always someone willing to teach you.”

Eloise Murdoch - Junior Buyer



Highly diverse projects allow your experience to grow at all our facilities.


Be essential to all of our business goals by managing relationships with our strategic partners.


Design & development

Be part of the innovation that’s happening at ESCATEC’s D&D facilities in Switzerland.



Help ensure our customers’ success by developing, maintaining, and reinforcing our quality standards.


Help build lasting relationships and trust with ESCATEC’s customers at any of our locations.



Ensure important aspects of ESCATEC run smoothly by joining HR, IT, finance, and other essential support functions.



It is not always clear what happens to your job application once you send it off to a company. A quick and easy hiring is typically a thing of the past. To make the hiring process easier for candidates applying to ESCATEC, we would like to give you a general overview of what you can expect.

Please remember to have patience. Each step of the hiring process takes time. We want to make sure both of us are a perfect fi t, in our company culture and values and your qualities and skill sets.

Here‘s how it works

  • After applying: You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your application within 5 working days.
  • After reviewing your documents: We will contact you by email.
  • If your profile fits the job description: We will invite you for a first interview. Depending on the amount of candidates and the application deadline, this could take some time. In most cases, the HR Officer and Line Manager will be at the first interview. For operational positions at our Malaysian facilities, only the HR officer or Supervisor will be at the interview.
  • If you are shortlisted after the first interview: You will be invited to a second interview. Any open questions will be discussed. In certain instances, candidates will meet potential team colleagues and have a tour of the company.
  • Shortlisted candidates’ references are thoroughly checked by HR: The final decision for hiring is reviewed. Unless otherwise informed, we will contact you within two weeks.


Martina Keel - Escatec

Martina Keel

HR Section Head


Valentina Seferinkina 1

Valentina Seferinkina

HR Officer



G.H. Ho

HR Officer


norlida 2

Norlida Mohd Yosop

HR Section Head



Katerina Cutrikova

HR Section Head



Sue Poole

HR Section Head


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