ESCATEC has demonstrable experience supporting complex mechatronics project requirements. We feel that the full breadth of our electro-mechanical assembly services combined with electronics and electrical capabilities, sets us apart in the marketplace.

A female production operator wearing white gloves sitting at a bench in front of a custom piece of electronic manufacturing test equipment.
The inside of a medical respirator showing cables, PCBAs and pneumatic tubes.
The inside of a complex print and apply label machine waiting the next stage of production consisting of a PCBA, motors, gears, pulleys and cables.
A close up image showing a flexi-rigid PCB inside an industrial thermal printer.
A female production operative wearing a blue ESD jacket and colourful headscarf pointing to a set of work instruction on an electronic display.
A close up image of a machined metal enclosure consisting of blue and brown pneumatic tubes and connectors.
A large electro-mechanical print and apply machine with a vibrant purple metal arm awaiting final packaging and shipment with a handle with care label attached.
The inside of an electro-mechanical robotic camera assembly waiting inspection consisting of PCBAs, motors and cable assemblies.
A row of pneumatic spray nozzles used inside an industrial paint spraying machine.

Precision Electro-Mechanical Assembly

We produce and ship many complex electro-mechanical assemblies each week, often including a similar number of individual parts to a PCB assembly. With such a high level of moving parts, we often refer to these types of assemblies as ‘machines’ rather than ‘products’ or ‘units’. 

The awareness of critical engineering tolerances and the use of mechanical tools and gauges is key when producing moving mechanical assemblies of this complexity. Our skills and knowledge base also extends to testing mechanical and pneumatic assemblies.

Following rigorous approval processes, our supply chain partners for custom parts - such as plastics, machined and fabricated metalwork, etc. - are closely monitored for quality and delivery performance. Tight control of the material supply chain ensures that, as with electronic parts, the availability of high-quality mechanical parts is maintained for timely production. 

Lean Manufacturing

Interactive electronic documentation, multi-language work instructions and robust variant management controls are just some of the lean principles driving our quality-controlled production lines.

We have considerable experience of establishing lean lines to produce complex mechatronic assemblies. These assemblies can be resourced by between two and ten operators depending on live customer demand. We operate 24-hour replenishment through line-side KanBan-based pull systems which are supported by bar-code tracking to provide real-time operational information.


Electrical Assembly

Many of the mechatronic assemblies produced by ESCATEC require some form of wire or cable interconnections between boards and sub-assemblies. These can be via cable looms and harnesses or point-to-point wiring. We are often called on to produce machines that require critical cable routing, so that the moving parts may function safely. In addition, we also undertake electrical wiring of switch and instrument panels, as well as 19" rack systems and sophisticated control cabinets. 

When required, skilled, time-served wiremen use customers' technical drawings, internally created build packs and test specifications to develop fully integrated rackmount solutions. A high level of accuracy means we capture every detail of the control cabinet configuration and hardware, meaning our services are ideal for OEMs looking for multiple identical electrical installations. Any metalwork modifications to the control cabinets themselves can be carried out in-house and our testing capabilities comprise of continuity, high voltage flash and PAT testing.


Software Control

Software upload, verification, and execution is carried out within the scope of ESCATEC’s robust revision control system. We understand the importance of traceability and can provide historical records of both hardware and software revisions for specific products that we build when requested. 


Bringing it all Together

We are competent in delivering small and medium sized ‘benchtop’ products through to ‘large format’ electro-mechanical machines. Coupled with our postponement manufacturing, configure-to-order (CTO) and outbound logistics (direct-ship fulfilment) capabilities, ESCATEC offers a wide range of mechatronics solutions and supply chain experience including:


Product design


Reverse engineering






Fabricated parts


Machined parts


Plastic parts




Machine vision


Sensor technology


Robotics and automation


PCBA integration


Wiring looms and harnesses


Energy chains and cable routing


Control cabinet assembly


Heat management and ventilation


High voltage installation and test


Display units


Software load and test


Custom system integration


Postponement manufacturing


Configure-to-order manufacturing


Direct ship fulfilment

Expertise exceeding expectations

ESCATEC's manufacturing capabilities are complemented by enhanced support services for our clients, such as design and development support, test solutions, sophisticated supply chain management, postponement manufacturing and direct-ship outbound logistics.


PCB Assembly

We support customers from the prototype and industrialisation stages, through to the ongoing manufacture of complex, multi-technology PCBAs, in low, medium and high volumes.


Box Build Assembly

We're experts in complex sub-assemblies and finished, tested, products. We offer turnkey electronics, mechatronics, cabinet assembly, system integration & test solutions.


Control Cabinet Build

ESCATEC delivers a broad range of options for customers requiring rack system development, from single front panel assembly to a full custom control cabinet.


Cables and Looms

ESCATEC offers straightforward looms through to multi-component assemblies and complex wiring harnesses to support box build and mechatronics demand.



ESCATEC offers a wide range of mechatronics solutions and supply chain experience - everything from ‘benchtop’ products through to ‘large format’ electro-mechanical machines. 


Test Solutions

A proven method of electronics manufacturing defect detection and prevention, flying probe testing also eliminates the requirement for dedicated fixturing.


Plastic Injection Moulding

At ESCATEC we use cutting-edge technology and equipment, to ensure that every injection moulding project we undertake meets the highest standards of quality and precision. 



Our experienced teams design, develop and manufacture high performance LED, laser, and lighting solutions. We ensure micro-optic needs for complex MOEMS products are met and delivered.


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