Box Build Assembly

ESCATEC specialise in the production of complex sub-assemblies and finished, tested, products. We offer turnkey electronics, mechatronics, cabinet assembly, full system integration and test solutions.

The term box build can mean different things to different people. From fitting PCBAs into simple enclosures with interfaces and displays, through to complex machines consisting of thousands of individual parts. Most of the box builds we undertake at ESCATEC incorporate at least one printed circuit board assembly and we manufacture a wide range of custom cable solutions at both prototype and production volumes in-house.

ESCATEC's box build assembly and mechanical engineering capabilities are integral to our turnkey electronics manufacturing solutions. Our team have decades of engineering and production experience delivering small and medium sized ‘benchtop’ products through to custom cabinets and kiosks. 

Complementing our PCB assembly services, ESCATEC's box build assembly services are part of a comprehensive array of electronic, mechatronics, cabinet assembly and full system integration services.

Our box build capability and supply chain experience includes:

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Plastic and metal enclosures

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Touch screen display units

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Optical readers

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Bar code scanners

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Wiring looms and cable harnessing

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Electro-pneumatic assembly

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Heat management and ventilation

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High voltage installation and test

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Software load and test

Agile production tailored to your needs

We offer fully tailored, flexible, configure-to-order, system integration and test services. We have considerable expertise in setting up flexible lean lines, across our global facilities and creating custom packaging solutions to ensure products work right first time, out of the box.

The lean lines we set up provide a total turnkey manufacturing environment for highly configurable, complex, box build products. They are typically two to ten position, fast changeover lines, that can deliver a responsive solution when demand is dynamic, but lead-times are short.


Our purchasing, logistics, inventory control and production engineering groups work together to deliver the highest levels of service in a demanding part of the electronics manufacturing services sector. We have a track record of excellence for on-time/in full (OTIF) delivery.

Our global manufacturing facilities can offer you lean process design, leading to dedicated production lines or flexible cell manufacturing, incorporating assembly, test and packing with full traceability. This is supported by extensive engineering expertise in electronics, electrical, and mechanical assembly. All production processes, and dedicated production fixtures can be designed and made as required.


The Ideal Box Build Assembly Partner

Lacking build data internally or trapped by your current supplier? ESCATEC can reverse engineer your product and create detailed build and test documentation from scratch using a golden sample as reference. 

Going beyond the remit of a typical box build assembly process, ESCATEC’s, design, engineering and manufacturing teams are experienced in the production of complex mechatronics products. These are better described as machines rather than products. They require bespoke configuration; 19" rack sub-systems need to be assembled, and custom hard-wired cabinet assemblies delivered.

In addition to producing and integrating custom PCB assemblies, we can also procure all the necessary parts. These include pneumatics, PLCs, switches, timers,  and encoders; as well as plastics, custom metalwork, and machined products.

ESCATEC offer a total manufacturing solution. We take you from product design and supply chain management, through to industrialisation, prototype build and volume production.  We establish agile, mechatronics assembly, configuration and test processes, to ensure world class performance levels for quality and OTIF.


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