Test Solutions

When you partner with ESCATEC you immediately benefit from the knowledge and expertise of qualified test technicians and engineers who are well versed in flying probe and in-circuit testing, in addition to being able to implement customer functional test solutions, complemented by conventional bench test equipment and XTJAG boundary scan.

Flying probe testing

Flying probe testing is a popular solution for manufacturers working with smaller batch sizes. It is also frequently used when fixed test probe access is limited or impractical. A proven method of electronics manufacturing defect detection and prevention, flying probe testing also eliminates the requirement for dedicated fixturing.

Flying probe testing uses a set of precision moveable test probes that directly access test points, vias, component pads, circuit interconnections and fine-pitch parts. This means the technique is able to replace the need for a mechanical test fixture while also achieving test coverage similar to that exhibited by the in-circuit test (ICT).

  • Initial test program creation is fast & direct from CAD files
  • Removes need for bed-of-nails test fixture
  • Enables easy inspection of any PCB assembly
  • Ideal for low & medium volumes in addition to high board mix prototype applications

In-circuit test

ESCATEC offers full on-site in-circuit tests, both analogue and digital, with vector-less tests. Test fixtures and programmes are also produced on-site. For slightly larger volumes, ICT is invaluable as a precursor to functional tests, reducing debug time and significantly increasing functional test yield.

Boundary scan

Renowned as an extremely rapid test method, it equips manufacturers to debug and programme complex digital circuits. Our team uses cutting-edge technologies from the likes of X-JTAG to deliver powerful solutions.

Ideal for testing boards populated with complex ICs, these processes deliver in-circuit levels of test coverage and diagnostics. Access purely from the board edge, this is an extremely useful and non-intrusive circuit test technology. In addition, most modern devices feature bus technology, which effectively creates thousands of test points to test components and interconnections. Boundary scan testing is the perfect way to identify structural fault locations, even beneath BGAs, without requiring mechanical access to the circuit.


Functional test

Functional tests are core components of the majority of successful test strategies. While it is often possible to de-skill functional testing, it is also often the case that a functional test makes the highest demands on a skills base in terms of diagnostics. 

We have considerable expertise in designing and delivering efficient tests and diagnostic solutions. Our experienced and highly qualified test engineers can develop functional test solutions in-house, or work with those provided by our customers.


All functional PCB testing is fully supported by extensive engineering diagnostics, so you can be sure that tested boards will be totally compliant with supplied specifications.

By using functional testing, our customers not only verify board functionality but also provide confirmation that the PCB will perform in its application environment.

Expertise exceeding expectations

ESCATEC's manufacturing capabilities are complemented by enhanced support services for our clients, such as design and development support, test solutions, sophisticated supply chain management, postponement manufacturing and direct-ship outbound logistics.


PCB Assembly

We support customers from the prototype and industrialisation stages, through to the ongoing manufacture of complex, multi-technology PCBAs, in low, medium and high volumes.


Box Build Assembly

We're experts in complex sub-assemblies and finished, tested, products. We offer turnkey electronics, mechatronics, cabinet assembly, system integration & test solutions.


Control Cabinet Build

ESCATEC delivers a broad range of options for customers requiring rack system development, from single front panel assembly to a full custom control cabinet.


Cables and Looms

ESCATEC offers straightforward looms through to multi-component assemblies and complex wiring harnesses to support box build and mechatronics demand.



ESCATEC offers a wide range of mechatronics solutions and supply chain experience - everything from ‘benchtop’ products through to ‘large format’ electro-mechanical machines. 


Test Solutions

A proven method of electronics manufacturing defect detection and prevention, flying probe testing also eliminates the requirement for dedicated fixturing.


Plastic Injection Moulding

At ESCATEC we use cutting-edge technology and equipment, to ensure that every injection moulding project we undertake meets the highest standards of quality and precision. 



Our experienced teams design, develop and manufacture high performance LED, laser, and lighting solutions. We ensure micro-optic needs for complex MOEMS products are met and delivered.


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