Specialist PCB assembly services

ESCATEC offers a comprehensive range of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) services including through hole technology (THT), surface mount technology (SMT), Chip-On-Board (CoB), BGA and fine pitch placement. 

A section of an electronics manufacturing services shop floor showing a selective solder machine with several PCBs lined up waiting to go inside.
A female electronics operator wearing a yellow headscarf and a white protective jacket inspecting a panel of PCBs under an illuminated magnifying glass.
Two hands wearing white gloves placing an electronic component on a rectangular green printed circuit board mounted inside a small white plastic casing.
A close up of a green PCBA with RF shielding to protect vital electronic components.
A close up of an unpopulated bare blue PCBA with gold solder pads.
A close up of a green PCBA with through-hole components including coils and relays waiting to go through a selective soldering machine.
A female production operator looking at a display monitor in front of a Mycronic surface mount reel handling machine.
A close up of a stack of round green PCBAs still within their panel after production.
Two male electronics manufacturing assembly staff wearing blue ESD coats and purple gloves placing through-hole electronic components onto a PCB.

We support customers from the prototype and industrialisation stages, through to the ongoing manufacture of complex, multi-technology PCBAs, in low, medium and high volumes.

All common (and less common) PCB substrate materials are populated, including FR4, flexi, flexi-rigid and metal backed laminates. Leaded (if RoHS exempt) and RoHS compliant lead-free processes are available, both to IPC-A-610 class 2 or 3 as required. 

PCB Assembly Services

Our IPC-A-610 trained operators and technicians have an array of tools and equipment at their disposal, to enable them to perform all the operations required by ESCATEC’s customers.

 ESCATEC’s Technology Council ensure our state of the art PCB assembly equipment continues to meet the ever-changing technical and quality requirements of our customers. Our business priority is to invest in the new technology that enables our customers to innovate and scale.

Our increasing portfolio of PCB assembly equipment and capabilities include:


PCB laser marking


Solder paste printers (screen and jet)


3D solder paste inspection


Pick and place machine


Reflow ovens


3D AOI machines


X-ray inspection for BGA/QFN


Hand, Wave and Selective soldering


PCB laser depaneling




Conformal coating


Hydrophobic coating


Low pressure molding


Over molding


Enclosure laser marking

ESCATEC continues to invest significantly in its people, processes, systems, and software. Our goal is to consistently exceed customer requirements in terms of flexibility, responsiveness, scalability, quality, and lead times.

With production facilities in Malaysia, Switzerland, the UK, Czech Republic and Bulgaria - along with partners in Croatia and the US, ESCATEC can help reduce time-to-market and deliver products direct to market.


Our PCBA industrialisation service takes customers through from initial PCB design to full production. Our experienced Key Account Managers - along with our design, engineering, and production teams - operate in partnership with our customers. Through close collaboration we ensure successful new product introductions, on time and within budget.



A typical ESCATEC product realisation project includes:


Chip On Board and Micro Assembly

We continue to invest in and expand our ISO Class 7 clean room to meet the increasing demand for miniaturised, multi-function COB components and microelectronic systems. At ESCATEC we are committed to further investment in ambitious and skilled personnel so we can continue to deliver the most demanding and innovative customer projects. 

Our design capabilities in this area include:

Conceptual Design
PCB Assembly Process Development 
Fast Prototyping
Thermal Simulation
Optical Analysis
LED Front & Back-End Design 

Our manufacturing capabilities in this area include:

Die Bonding
Wire Bonding
Encapsulation/Jet Dispensing
Active Alignment


  • Chip On Board Technology

Our Chip On Board process steps consist of die bonding, wire bonding and several encapsulation techniques including glob top, dam (or underfill) and optical clear encapsulation. Encapsulation is used to protect the chip surface and wires against mechanical damage and environmental influences.

The range of die bonding machines we have can work to +/- 1um, stamping or dispensing adhesives, and picking and placing bare chips from blue tape, waffle packs or gel packs. 

Our wire bonding machines are suitable for all wirebond technologies including gold ball and thin wire from 17 to 50 µm. Quick and simple bond head changeover times of under 30 minutes can be achieved along with continuing monitoring and control of the bond process.

ESCATEC has demonstrable experience in using bare LED dies rather than already packaged LEDs. This enables us to design customised solutions that exactly meet the specification of the project which may not be possible with packaged LEDs that are only available in a limited number of variations. Heat management is an additional challenge for every LED and LASER solution and is a discipline where we utilise our thermal simulation tools.

  • Micro Assembly

There are increasing market needs for the assembly of complex, highly integrated, miniature Micro Systems under clean room conditions. Our Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MOEMS) facility is well prepared to meet this demand by providing a broad product portfolio of Chip On Board technology, automatic gluing and cleaning solutions, and system tests all in clean room conditions. 

ESCATEC can also combine the assembly of precision optics with micro board assemblies including the use of active or passive optical alignment solutions. For all applications, we can develop and assemble burn-in fixtures and test equipment in-house. Equipped with up-to-date equipment and tools to measure various light characteristics, we offer a complete portfolio of services including documentation support. For applications in medical devices, we are ISO 13485 certified for both design and production.

PCB Test and Inspection

ESCATEC is experienced in designing and implementing a variety of test techniques to ensure products are reliable and thoroughly tested – saving customers' time and money downstream by reducing field failures.

We develop sound test and inspection strategies that verify defined product quality and functionality, in addition to manufacturing process integrity.


Our in-depth technical assessment is based on the following considerations:

  • Product design requirements
  • Testability requirements
  • Component types
  • Product complexity
  • Manufacturing process
  • Product maturity
  • Product lifecycle implications

By assessing the above factors in detail, we can predict the defects most likely to occur in the manufacturing process. Our customers have boosted both the cost effectiveness and reliability of their end products, by taking this assessment into account. 

Since we offer an extensive range of test options, we will provide the most appropriate test strategy for your products.

Our advanced inspection and testing solutions include:

Expertise exceeding expectations

ESCATEC's manufacturing capabilities are complemented by enhanced support services for our clients, such as design and development support, test solutions, sophisticated supply chain management, postponement manufacturing and direct-ship outbound logistics.


PCB Assembly

We support customers from the prototype and industrialisation stages, through to the ongoing manufacture of complex, multi-technology PCBAs, in low, medium and high volumes.


Box Build Assembly

We're experts in complex sub-assemblies and finished, tested, products. We offer turnkey electronics, mechatronics, cabinet assembly, system integration & test solutions.


Control Cabinet Build

ESCATEC delivers a broad range of options for customers requiring rack system development, from single front panel assembly to a full custom control cabinet.


Cables and Looms

ESCATEC offers straightforward looms through to multi-component assemblies and complex wiring harnesses to support box build and mechatronics demand.



ESCATEC offers a wide range of mechatronics solutions and supply chain experience - everything from ‘benchtop’ products through to ‘large format’ electro-mechanical machines. 


Test Solutions

A proven method of electronics manufacturing defect detection and prevention, flying probe testing also eliminates the requirement for dedicated fixturing.


Plastic Injection Moulding

At ESCATEC we use cutting-edge technology and equipment, to ensure that every injection moulding project we undertake meets the highest standards of quality and precision. 



Our experienced teams design, develop and manufacture high performance LED, laser, and lighting solutions. We ensure micro-optic needs for complex MOEMS products are met and delivered.


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