Vibrosonic - a unique hearing solution

Explore how ESCATEC are helping Vibrosonic scale production of its unique ‘hearing contact lens’ design, to reach new markets and meet robust medical device regulation.


The Vibrosonic Hearing Contact Lens® is a breakthrough in hearing technology. Traditional hearing aids often require a trade-off between wearing comfort, especially openness of the ear canal, and sound quality. Vibrosonic’s hearing systems are designed to be different. Their solution is a micro speaker that is placed directly on the eardrum, promising an unprecedented combination of sound quality and comfort to wearers.


The revolutionary technology took 10 years to develop and required an extraordinary blend of technical, microelectronic and medical insight to perfect.

The technological basis of our products is a microactuator that is embedded in a tailored mold individually made for each patient. It is placed on the eardrum by an ENT doctor and attaches due to its fit and an applied liquid. No surgery is necessary.

Dr Jonathan Schächtele, Co-Founder and CTO of Vibrosonic

The Challenge

A unique technology company needs a unique manufacturing partnership to help realise their commercial vision in the marketplace.

The team at Vibrosonic needed to find a manufacturer who could help them create DfM (Design for Manufacturing) plans to effectively commercialise and scale production of their tiny, yet complex device.


"The micro device serving as a speaker in our Hearing Contact Lens® is light, thin and flexible enough to be guided through the ear canal up to the eardrum."  Dr. Jonathan Schächtele.


Producing and working with a substrate as thin as this, requires specialist skills and equipment. Only a few manufacturers can manage this.


vibro sonic system

Vibrosonic is a pioneering medical device start-up from Mannheim in Germany, with a mission to bring cutting-edge solutions to individuals with hearing impairments.

The Solution

ESCATEC had the technical know-how and combination of international facilities to deliver on all the complex requirements of novel, medical device production:

  • Design and advanced manufacturing facilities 

  • Miniaturisation capabilities 

  • Micro-opto-electromechanical expertise

  • Bio-compatible ‘parylene coating’ capabilities

  • Extraordinary handling and assembly know-how and machinery (e.g. chip-on-board capabilities)

  • Supply chain expertise ensures best value and sustainability

  • GxP, ISO 13485 and FDA-compliant manufacturing facilities

  • Clean room environment and processes

The Results

Vibrosonic hearing contact lens device

ESCATEC were instrumental in supporting Vibrosonic with DfM for their first-generation device.


Vibrosonic plans further products based on their Hearing Contact Lens®. For example, Vibrosonic looks into releasing a ‘fully invisible‘ in-ear solution. ESCATEC will be on hand to advise on materials, design and manufacturing process once again.


Optimising manufacturing strategies for the next generations will be critical to Vibrosonic’s plans to extend their reach in the hearing aid market. There is a growing number of people with hearing loss around the world and thus a growing demand for high quality hearing solutions:

It is a totally new approach to treating hearing loss, providing a superior hearing experience through a wide sound spectrum in combination with highest comfort due to an open ear canal. It has the potential to revolutionize the premium segment of the market for hearing aids.

Dr Dominik Kaltenbacher, Founder and Managing Director of Vibrosonic