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Initiative, sharing of ideas, empowerment, accountability and responsibility form the basis of the entrepreneurial spirit that is valued at ESCATEC. We respect and value our employees and recognize and reward good performance.

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The Escatec Group

Our customers’ success is our success

We develop and manufacture products for some of the most innovative OEMs worldwide. From our strategically positioned business units, we support customers with high-end design and manufacturing solutions.

  • 1700 employees from over 30 nationalities
  • Serving a wide range of market segments
  • D&D, Micro-Optical Assemblies, Medical & high-end Industrial manufacturing at our Swiss facility
  • Medical, Industrial, Automotive and high-end Consumer manufacturing in Penang
  • Industrial & Beverage PCBA and Box Build manufacturing in Johor Bahru
  • Plastic injection moulding at our Malaysian facilities  

Genuine people working on world-class products


Personable and flexible with a high level of engagement
From top-down and bottom-up, we interact and brainstorm across all our departments. We encourage new ideas and support an innovative mindset.


Enabling talent to grow
Aspiring people have a bright future at ESCATEC. We nurture potential talent by funding training & education and enabling promotions.


We work together to achieve more
Working at one of ESCATEC's locations, you become part of a community. Our teams achieve higher quality and performance through open communication, mutual respect, trust and friendship.

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Career Opportunities
A wide range of possibilities

Highly diverse projects allow your engineering experience to grow at all of our facilities.

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Design & Development

Be a part of the innovation that's happening at ESCATEC's Design & Development facility in Switzerland.


Help build lasting relationships and trust with ESCATEC’s customers at any of our locations.


Be essential to achieving our business goals by managing relationships with our strategic partners.


Help ensure our customers' success by developing, maintaining and reinforcing our quality standards.


Ensure important aspects of ESCATEC run smoothly by joining HR, IT, Finance or other vital support functions.


ESCATEC Locations

All ESCATEC locations work seamlessly together to provide the best customised solution for you

Penang, Malaysia – ESCATEC Headquarters

Industrial, Medical and high-end Consumer Product solutions. 

ESCATEC job portal
"Fine tuning each and every process to the very essence of what is needed. That's what we do for our customers at ESCATEC"
24,500 m² Floor space
750 Employees
21 Nationalities
Heerbrugg, Switzerland

High quality D&D, Medical, MOEMS and Manufacturing solutions.

ESCATEC job portal
"At ESCATEC, customer relationships are the key to mutual success. We build trust & sustain it through strong employee commitment, motivated high performance and being good at what we do."
Britta Blum
General Manager
4,600 m² Floor space
140 Employees
26 Nationalities
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Advanced Electronics, Mechatronics and Box Build manufacturing.

ESCATEC job portal
"At ESCATEC, quality is everyone's responsibility – at every level – not just those working in the Quality Department."
Juha Arola
Chief Operating Officer
7,500 m² Floor space
675 Employees
23 Nationalities
Apprenticeship with Libs

We offer apprenticeship programs in the following departments of our Swiss facility in Heerbrugg:

  • Design engineer
  • IT 

Our partner for apprenticeship programs is libs in Heerbrugg, Switzerland. If you are interested please send your application directly to

libs Schweiz.jpg

Help build products that influence our world

Grow and develop professionally

Whether you're a new graduate looking for hands-on experience or a seasoned professional, we offer you the chance to contribute towards making innovation happen for industry-leading OEMs. 


"There's lots of opportunity to grow at ESCATEC. Starting as an apprentice technician, I worked my way up to becoming a component engineer. It's interesting work and I learned a lot from older colleagues, who encouraged and supported me."

Manuel Kunz
Component engineer
in Supply Chain Management,
ESCATEC Switzerland
Veshea Caggese

Everyday is a new day at ESCATEC. The learning curve is steep but rewarding. I am given the space and freedom to come up with the best ideas to make things work. We have an open communication culture at ESCATEC and work together in a network of teams, where my idea and input are appreciated.

Veshalini Caggese
Project Leader
ESCATEC Switzerland
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