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Our customers trust us with their brands and reputation. This places a profound responsibility on us to ensure the integrity of their products.

We work closely together with all our suppliers to ensure the highest quality materials and services are available in order to fulfill our customers’ requirements throughout their product’s lifecycle. Aspects such as sustainability, ethical code of conduct, and quality compliance, are all assessed and monitored for our customers’ continued trust. 

If your organisation values quality, compliance, managing the Earth’s resources responsibly, and the fair and safe treatment of all employees, as much as we do, we would like to hear from you.

Please register on our Suppliers’ Portal for details of our supplier policies and terms of business.

Download ESCATEC's Corporate Governance & Compliance Policies

Please download and read our Terms and Conditions of Purchase  in accordance with Malaysian law.

Components & Material Suppliers

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Manufacturing & Equipment Suppliers

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Service Suppliers

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Moulding & Tool Fabricators

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