Offering Innovation for Over 40 Years

We have a long history of providing design and manufacturing solutions to world-renowned OEMs. We realise their ideas, from concept to delivery to after sales service, and offer them the specific solutions they need. Our customers count on us and we provide – so they can concentrate on what they do best – staying one step ahead in a fast paced world.

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Customer focus from day one

Ever since ESCATEC first opened in 1974, our focus has been on our customers. Their success is our success. By delivering as we promise, we continuously create trust and build mutually successful long-term relationships.


With this trust, we’ve grown in expertise, technology and size to what we are today: A team of 1700 highly trained and committed employees in Penang and Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and Heerbrugg, Switzerland, united by a passion for customer service. It’s this that makes us stand out – our customer focus and extraordinary people.


We take pride in solving the challenges of our customers. It drives us to continually improve and enhance our capabilities and is why our customers value us as their key strategic partner.


Our company

ESCATEC is privately owned and profitable for over 40 years, and with minimum external financing. Our solid financial foundations allow us to react quickly to opportunities as the world changes. Because we strategically move forward with great management, we’ll be around for generations to come.


Working hard, we’ve evolved – from a small EMS manufacturing contractor to providing complete solutions, from concept to delivery for industry leading OEMs.


Our journey towards sustainable growth and greater customer satisfaction

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ESCATEC Electronics Sdn. Bhd.
ESCATEC Medical Sdn. Bhd.

Penang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 4 643 25 54

ESCATEC Switzerland AG

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Phone: +41 71 727 39 41

ESCATEC Mechatronics Sdn. Bhd.

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Phone: +60 7 354 60 90

SMT Surface Mounting Technology Corporation

Appleton WI, USA

First group company founded in Singapore
1 / 9
Second group company established in Penang, Malaysia
2 / 9
Third group company opens in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
3 / 9
ESCATEC aquires Heerbrugg, Switzerland facility
4 / 9
Medical and MOEMS facilities open in Heerbrugg, Switzerland
5 / 9
Medical facility established in Penang
6 / 9
Second factory established in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
7 / 9
ESCATEC adopts Conflict Minerals Policy
8 / 9
ESCATEC acquires high tech facility in Penang, Malaysia, relocating its headquarters and consolidating two plants into one.
9 / 9
Markus  Walther
"Our customers are the focus of everything we do and each decision we make. We know that our success is built on providing winning solutions for all our customers.”
Markus Walther
Group Managing Director

Our Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors represents a diverse group of knowledgeable and committed people, and consists of our Founder, Christophe Albin, our Group Managing Director, Markus Walther and four other independent members. Together, they strategically oversee and steer the ESCATEC Group forward concentrating on the Group’s and our customers’ mutual success.

Christian Risch
Markus Walther
Group Managing Director
Christophe Albin
Executive Chairman
Charles-Alexandre Albin
Xavier Arreguit
Joe Lahra

Our management team


The ESCATEC’s Management Team focus on helping customers overcome the challenges of today’s manufacturing complexities by offering what they need as they need it.

Markus  Walther

Markus Walther

Group Managing Director

Mr. Walther is an ESCATEC veteran of over 25 years. His global management skills have taken him from his native Switzerland to the United States and Australia in various engineering and management positions. A degreed engineer by trade, Mr. Walther has been in general management since 1989.

Juha Arola

Juha Arola

Chief Operating Officer

After working as General Manager for ESCATEC's Johor Bahru factory, Juha Arola has recently been appointed as Chief Operating Officer for all ESCATEC facilities worldwide. His role in Johor Bahru has been taken over by Robert Verkuijlen.

Thomas Dekorsy

Thomas Dekorsy

Chief Sales Officer

Prior to joining ESCATEC in 2013, Dr. Thomas Dekorsy spent 20 years accumulating diverse leadership experience at leading manufacturing and technology companies globally. His focus is on strategically supporting expansion of the company’s customer base and growth of its new business development.

Lionel Giroud

Lionel Giroud

Group Financial Controller

Lionel Giroud has accumulated over 20 years of knowledge in finance management with leading global companies.  Mr. Giroud supports the ESCATEC Group’s senior management with his financial expertise and fulfils all the company’s internal and external financial requirements.

David  Taylor

David Taylor

Director Customer Services
Originally ESCATEC's UK Sales agent, Mr. Taylor became Director of Customer Service in 2011. Based in Penang, Mr. Taylor works closely with customers and Key Account Managers to ensure excellent customer service across the entire ESCATEC Group.
Steven Lim

Steven Lim

Director Corporate Procurement

Mr. Lim has extensive supply chain management experience with major EMS companies prior to joining ESCATEC in April, 2014. He is based in Penang and manages the corporate procurement organisation.

Tjun Aun Chew

Tjun Aun Chew

Director Business Processes

Tjun Aun Chew joined ESCATEC in 2018 to drive continuous business process improvement and lead IT application innovation projects. With 18 years of experience in technical leadership roles for multinational companies, Mr. Chew will increase customer satisfaction and increase operation efficiency.

Lambert Schutters

Lambert Schutters

General Manager

Lambert Schutters acquired extensive purchasing and lean supply chain management experience throughout his career before coming to ESCATEC. Driven by a “can-do” attitude, Mr. Schutters advanced his career to lead major manufacturing organisations worldwide. His solutions bring cost-effective, sustainable and highly productive results.

Britta Blum

Britta Blum

General Manager

Ms. Blum began her multifaceted career at ESCATEC as an intern. Over the years, she collected valuable experience at ESCATEC as she progressed from Product Manager to Key Account Manager to Business Unit Manager and most recently, to General Manager of ESCATEC Switzerland.

Robert Verkuijlen

Robert Verkuijlen

General Manager

Robert Verkuijlen has longstanding leadership experience in manufacturing and engineering across multiple industries. He continues to focus on high performance operations for quality, cost-effectiveness and on-time delivery through diligent management and organisational skills.

Richard Eberhard

Richard Eberhard

Director Business Development

Based in Switzerland, Richard Eberhard has been part of the Business Development Team since 2017. His experience encompasses years in EMS Sales with a focus on IoT, lighting, sensors and connectivity. Mr. Eberhard concentrates on developing ESCATEC's Industrial & MOEMS business.


Our focus is on your success

ESCATEC enables improved customer satisfaction, higher quality and faster time to market by our

  • Fast and flexible alignment to your needs
  • Complete expertise, product realisation from concept to delivery
  • Dedicated teams committed to your success
  • Customised design, industrialisation and manufacturing solutions


Delivering the highest quality

Excellent quality is essential to what we do and the basis for our customers’ trust. The quality we deliver complies to standards and regulations recognised all over the world.


To achieve this, we have created standards and procedures, which are applied throughout the groups' facilities. These are the basis for all processes and compliance.


We make no compromises and continuously challenge ourselves to improve, ensuring we all do our part to reach the goal of zero defects.

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Corporate Governance

We do business in a responsible way

We care about the rights and safety of all our employees and the communities in which we work. We also have great respect for our planet’s resources. For each solution we provide, at all our facilities and with all our partners; we make sure ethical and sustainable practices are in full compliance with our high standards.


  • Conflict Minerals Policy
    Download ESCATEC's Conflict Mineral Policy
  • UN Global Compact
    View ESCATEC's UNGC progress report
  • RoHS
  • ESCATEC's EMS Scope

    The scope of ESCATEC's Environmental Management System covers the manufacturing and design activities (where applicable) and support processes that are sub-contracted to suppliers within ESCATEC's boundary in accordance to ISO 14001 standards.


Download our Corporate Governance Policies and Conflict Mineral Policy:

Corporate Governance Policies
Corp Gov Logos Color 2.jpg
“Our commitment to compliance and governance not only minimises risks but also gives ESCATEC customers the assurance that their brands are safe with us.”
Benjamin Khor
Corporate Regulatory Compliance Manager


ESCATEC Locations

All ESCATEC locations work seamlessly together to provide the best customised solution for you

Penang, Malaysia – ESCATEC Headquarters

Industrial, Medical and high-end consumer product solutions.

ESCATEC job portal
"Fine tuning each and every process to the very essence of what is needed. That's what we do for our customers at ESCATEC"
21,000 m² Floor space
750 Employees
21 Nationalities
Heerbrugg, Switzerland

High quality D&D, Medical, MOEMS and manufacturing solutions.

ESCATEC job portal
"At ESCATEC, customer relationships are the key to mutual success. We build trust & sustain it through strong employee commitment, motivated high performance and being good at what we do."
Britta Blum
General Manager
4,600 m² Floor space
175 Employees
26 Nationalities
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Advanced electronic, mechatronic and box build manufacturing.

ESCATEC job portal
"At ESCATEC, quality is everyone's responsibility – at every level – not just those working in the Quality Department."
Juha Arola
Chief Operating Officer
7,500 m² Floor space
675 Employees
23 Nationalities

ESCATEC's committment

Our Values

For 40 years, our values help us to focus on you and your success. We maintain the highest professional and moral standards when working with you. This enables us to reach our goals of building long-term relationships with you by delivering what is required for your product and brand's continuing success.



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NPI and Industrialisation
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ESCATEC’s recent investment in a Stratasys 3D printer has provided a decisive advantage in flexibility and ease when designing and developing customer products. A variety of colours and materials can be combined to create highly realistic and detailed prototypes for ESCATEC’s Design & Development (D&D) engineers and our customers. The 3D printer can quickly turn design concepts into easy-to-understand models that bring customer ideas to life.

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