ESCATEC Values – The Basis for Mutual Success

Our values define who we are and how we operate. They set our standards, are integrated into all our business processes and are the key to mutual success with our customers.

Our Focus

Customer Satisfaction

We recognise our customers' ever-changing requirements and respond to them quickly. We consistently deliver the best possible service, expertise, quality, lead times, and cost efficiency. Our customer relationships are based on commitment, mutual trust, collaboration and co-evolution.


Committed Personnel

We are a committed group of people, taking pride in our work and operating in a creative environment that supports and fosters development and fulfilment, both as a team and as individuals. Initiative, sharing of ideas, empowerment, accountability and responsibility form the basis for the entrepreneurial spirit that is valued at ESCATEC. We respect and value our colleagues and recognise and reward good performance.

Ethical & Respectful

Ethical Conduct of Business

We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity, providing a safe, clean and ethical workplace, taking care of the environment under our influence and contributing to our community.


Continuous Improvement

We invest in developing our personnel and are committed to continuously implementing improved methods and systems.

Prudence & Discipline

Results Oriented

We are committed to our goals of managed revenue growth and consistent profitability of the Group through prudent and successful business practices.

Christophe Albin
“Every single employee at ESCATEC contributes to making us what we are today. On the basis of our core values we continue building an ESCATEC of which we can be justly proud.”
Christophe Albin
Founder and Chairman of the ESCATEC Group