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Everything we do revolves around creating more success for our customers' companies. Read about some of the ways we achieved this.

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Consistently high performance LED application with ESCATEC back-end cooling system
ESCATEC, the Swiss electronic design and manufacturing service provider, helped transform the illumination quality of a recently released ophthalmic microscope. Its Micro Opto Electronic Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) facility created the new technology for a customer, which now guarantees a reliable LED light source, thereby increasing the success rate of cataract surgery.
ESCATEC stories
The pursuit of perfection: The Kaizen Approach
KAIZEN is a Japanese philosophical belief that everything can be continuously improved. It is a mindset you can apply anywhere, for any task. For companies the KAIZEN approach systematically seeks to achieve small changes in processes that over time, add up to substantial improvements. These changes reduce business operating overhead by reducing wasted time and effort in the steps taken to produce a product. By applying KAIZEN, ESCATEC streamlines processes, helps ease employee workloads and adds value to customers’ products.
ESCATEC stories
Business is booming in Johor Bahru
To meet ever increasing high-volume orders in manufacturing PCBs for our customers, ESCATEC’s Johor Bahru has made new investments in their Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines.
ESCATEC stories
The new cleanroom at Johor Bahru
These days, it is not only medical devices LEDs or MOEMS which require particle-free environments. Products from the optic, measuring or instrumentation sectors have also become increasingly small, complex and sensitive. The performance of these products can be compromised if exposed to dust or humidity.

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