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Everything we do revolves around creating more success for our customers' companies. Read about some of the ways we achieved this.

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ESCATEC stories
Less is more: practicing Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma certification is top priority at the ESCATEC Group and we are proud to say more of our employees continue to achieve Lean Six Sigma Black and Green Belt certification.
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New general manager continues to develop ESCATEC’s world class operations
ESCATEC, the global provider of high-grade industrial electronic and box build design and manufacturing solutions, recently appointed a new member to its executive leadership team.
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It’s all in the details: The right PCB encapsulation adds value
By applying the right glue sealing solution, customers can increase reliability and extend the life of their electronic product. ESCATEC, leading providers of electronic manufacturing services, explains how. Reviewing the details of how a product is built can result in significant value for your end customers. When optimised, these small, yet important details, can transform a good product into a great one.   A leading OEM of military products contacted the MICRO OPTICAL ELECTRONIC MECHANICAL SYSTEM (MOEMS) Facility at ESCATEC’s Swiss plant to develop a stable gluing solution for its products. With its highly regarded encapsulation methods for Chip-on-Board technology, the MOEMS Facility took on the challenge.   Conventional glues used to manually fix components to pads on PCBs are not durable enough to withstand the shock and vibration military products demand. PCB-mounted components using such glues easily dislodge just by dropping the product. Imagine what the extreme shock and vibrations experienced by military products could result in.  
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ESCATEC's new high-tech factory enables mutual growth with customers
The electronic and box-build, design and manufacturing service provider ESCATEC, has recently purchased a new factory promising exciting opportunities for customers.

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