23 May, 2011 / BY John Mayes

Total systems integration services propel JJS Electronics to further growth

Having been widely reported throughout 2010 and the start of this year, growth at JJS Electronics continues thanks to the demand for the company’s unique mix of electronics, electrical, electro-mechanical and top-end configure-to-order assembly and integration services. Combining advanced PCB assembly capabilities in both the UK and Central Europe, with the supply chain management expertise and resources of the £30m Paragon Electronics Group, JJS is able to fulfil a diverse range of demanding assembly and system integration requirements.

Complementing the company’s box-build assembly service, total systems integration from JJS involves collecting a wide range of components and subsystems into one unit. From here, the units are thoroughly tested to ensure they function correctly as a total system. These capabilities enable the company’s engineers to incorporate PCB assemblies into enclosures or racks alongside other elements such as mechanical components, fabricated or machined metalwork, displays, connectors and cable looms. However, the service does not stop here. With sophisticated control of its manufacturing operations, JJS provides postponement manufacturing services where products are built to an embryo level and then configured to order where the remaining process steps are carried out on behalf of its customers, including configuring options, loading software, producing appropriate documentation and ‘country kits’ etc. Finally, the team packages the unit for delivery using established logistics processes.

Commenting on the growing popularity of the company’s systems integration capabilities, Group Managing Director, John Mayes, explains: “With our manufacturing facilities in the UK and Czech Republic, we’re able to deliver a truly unique proposition to OEMs who need their products to be produced in either or both the UK and Central/Eastern Europe (CEE). As part of The Paragon Electronics Group, we provide a unique breadth of specialist services, as standard. With our group-wide supply chain management expertise and the three facilities across Europe, we can optimise the design or testability of a PCB, produce it, integrate it into an assembly, add any options and/or carry out any order-specific configuration work, test the assembly, and ship it direct to our customers’ customers!”

John concludes: “Our integrated business unit approach provides dedicated product assembly lines, customer specific manufacturing cells, increased flexibility and reduced time-to-market. Our customers find that by using our holistic approach to assembly they can reduce their true cost of manufacture. With AS9100 registration at each of our sites, we have demonstrated our commitment to continual improvement in business processes and the desire to deliver world class services. The advantages of what we can deliver are extensive, and we’re constantly striving to raise the bar even further.”

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Written by John Mayes

John is a business consultant with an extensive career spanning over 30 years. During this time Chris has set up, led, and acquired highly successful component distribution and EMS companies including Paragon Electronics and JJS Manufacturing.