Fact or fiction? The state of manufacturing in 2017

JJS Manufacturing Insights In decline, dirty, low paid, low skilled and male dominated. There's really not much going for UK manufacturing is there? Well, much depends on what you read and more importantly who you listen to.

In an era of 'fake news' is very easy to convince others (and yourself) that the latest 'snippet' filling up your inbox or social media feed has to be true, without checking all the facts.

Thankfully, Jonny Williamson has come to our rescue and done a lot of the hard work for us. Writing for The Manufacturer, Jonny digs deep into 5 myths he regularly encounters surrounding the sector and supports his arguments with facts and figures courtesy of the ONS, EEF analysis and past annual manufacturing reports.

So, if you currently work in the sector, or you are thinking about joining it, this fact based article highlights a number of arguments along with some interesting figures you might want to share around.

At one stage in time, manufacturing wasn’t a particularly clean, healthy or even safe environment to spend eight-plus hours a day in. However, this is a far-cry from modern manufacturing, something which ever-more stringent environmental, health and safety laws guarantee.