Is your business Brexit ready?

JJS Manufacturing InsightsSo much talk and posturing on Brexit and we have not yet triggered Article 50. Since the decision last June to leave the EU we have constantly been asked what our position is. The answer is simple, in any business, particularly manufacturing, you can only plan for what you can see, whilst you may attempt to anticipate wisely, in the final analysis you have to react to reality.

In my opinion, all this wild press speculation is utterly pointless; people popping up from all different business and social arenas to have a go at raising their own petty angles. Fundamentally no one with any sort of procurement training ever revealed their hand in advance of a negotiation, and I'm delighted to see the government 'playing their cards close to their chest'.

Whether there is 'evidence' of a government plan to address a 'no deal' scenario is I believe not an issue. I'd be far more worried if there was a detailed plan. In my view, that would indicate serious doubts about whether a deal is possible, and again weaken our negotiating position.

London (CNN)The British government has been warned by lawmakers that failure to prepare for a scenario in which no deal is reached with the European Union over Brexit would be a "serious dereliction of duty."

Lawmakers on a parliamentary committee have said that Prime Minister Theresa May, who could trigger Article 50 as early as Tuesday and allow for the start of formal negotiations between Downing Street and Brussels, should be prepared for the "real prospect" that the two-year negotiation cycle may end in deadlock. May has stated that she would walk away from negotiations without an agreement with the EU rather than sign up to a "bad deal." But the perceived lack of planning for such a scenario has irked her fellow politicians, who have warned that no agreement would be "very destructive" for both the UK and Europe.

Written by Chris Johnson

Chris is a business consultant with an extensive career spanning over 30 years. During this time Chris has set up, led, and acquired highly successful component distribution and EMS companies including Paragon Electronics and JJS Manufacturing. A committed 'petrol head' with a passion for speed, Chris raced for over 20 years in a variety of motor racing classes including Formula Ford, Caterham’s and historic sports cars. Today whilst still enjoying the occasional track day Chris spends his spare time playing golf, sailing, mountain biking and supporting Junior Rugby. Chris is a qualified RYA dinghy instructor, Rugby Coach, referee and former School Governor.