At ESCATEC, we help our customers Innovate, Scale, and Repeat. We make the transition between design and manufacturing seamless. And we work with you to extend the lifetime of products out in the marketplace whilst supporting you with the next iteration. It’s a continuous cycle of improvement.

Whatever product or market, ESCATEC is a truly global company with sites across Europe and Asia that use the latest technology. Regardless of end user demand, we seamlessly transition from prototyping to volume manufacturing so you can Scale and meet the needs of your market.

Intelligent Supply Chain

Intelligent Supply Chain Management 

When selecting an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) partner, OEMs should seek one with demonstrable electronics supply chain management (SCM) capabilities. As we all learnt the hard way, this is paramount in a post-Covid world.

ESCATEC understands the critical importance of the robustness that diversification brings; therefore, we have experienced procurement, SCM and logistics personnel in Malaysia, Switzerland, the UK, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

Global Sourcing

Our procurement, supply chain and logistics teams have the expertise to identify sourcing options based on the specific needs of each product and customer. 

We supply a varied range of products to a broad group of sectors; this requires us to procure a wide range of different component types – from machined, cast and formed metal products to high-end electronic components, plastics, motors, power supplies and many other commodity types – all contributing to an extensive portfolio of procured parts. 

Our goal is to build long-term, collaborative relationships with our approved global supplier partners. This enables us to continually reduce the total cost of acquisition and supply chain complexity whilst still maintaining the highest levels of quality and delivery.

Global sourcing v2

Managing Obsolescence

With product life cycles becoming shorter each year, especially within the semiconductor market, thousands of components become obsolete. At ESCATEC, we have significant expertise in all aspects of obsolescence management and work closely with key partners to provide customers with up-to-date device information. With early warning processes in place to identify ‘at-risk’ parts, we can perform obsolescence risk analysis across your product range before a part has been discontinued. 

Our expertise in ensuring that customers’ Bills of Materials (BOMs) are accurate and complete is supported by sophisticated audit and analysis tools that provide customers with the confidence that they will be kept fully aware of component life cycle information. Our knowledge and close monitoring of markets ensure that we are able to adapt our supply chain to changes in market conditions with speed and agility.

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Counterfeit Avoidance

ESCATEC has significant expertise in this area, which helps prevent counterfeit devices from making it through to customers’ products.

In addition to stringent supplier selection and monitoring, we have made a substantial investment in people, equipment and processes to help identify suspect devices. Within the group, we have a dedicated component test laboratory providing ‘best in class’ incoming inspection, including X-ray, microscopes, electrical comparators and chemical marking permanency analysis.

Our counterfeit avoidance processes are based on the emerging Industry Standard guidelines, including IDEA-STD-1010-B, SAE AS5553 and SAE AS6081.

Supply Chain Excellence

ESCATEC strives to have a positive impact on the environment, customers, employees and the community by recognising the importance of a responsible and sustainable lean supply chain. This is supported by robust policies in all aspects of our corporate social responsibility.

At ESCATEC, we aim to exceed your expectations in every aspect of our relationship. Supply chain and materials management is clearly a critical element of this. Our efficient sourcing, SCM and logistics not only reduce risk from global supply chains but deliver significant ongoing benefits to our customers.

Operator_supply chain excellence

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ESCATEC spearheads rapid scale-up for life-saving COVID19 vaccine


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Electronics Manufacturing & Moulding


In today's tech-driven world, microelectronics plays a pivotal role in powering innovation across various industries. From the devices we use daily through to advanced medical equipment and industrial technology, microelectronics are the unsung heroes behind the scenes. At ESCATEC, we recognize the critical importance of microelectronics assembly and have established ourselves as industry leaders in this field.

With 40 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry, we have honed our skills and capabilities to deliver flawless microelectronics assembly solutions. Our team of highly skilled professionals based in Switzerland, coupled with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, ensures that every assembly project meets the highest standards of quality, precision, and reliability.

Key Microelectronics Assembly Services

At ESCATEC, we offer a comprehensive suite of microelectronics assembly services, including:

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly: Our SMT expertise guarantees efficient, high-density assembly.
  • Chip-on-Board (COB) Assembly: We excel in precise COB assembly for compact electronic devices.
  • Wire Bonding and Die Attach: Trust us for secure connections and accurate die attachment.
  • Active alignment: We have the equipment and knowledge to ensure your micro-optic production requirements are delivered with the highest levels of precision and accuracy.
  • Cleanroom Facilities: Our contamination-controlled cleanrooms ensure the purity of your microelectronics.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: Rigorous quality control processes at every step of the assembly process.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

ESCATEC offers an extensive range of PCB assembly services, which complement our expertise in electrical, mechanical, and electro-mechanical contract assembly. 

Our assembly services range from the initial production of prototypes to the ongoing manufacture of complex, multi-technology PCBAs, in quantities ranging from a few hundred to millions of units per year. All common (and less common) PCB substrate materials are populated, including FR4, flexi, flexi-rigid and metal backed laminates.

We are competent in Ball Grid Array (BGA), Package on Package (PoP) and Chip On Board (COB) processes utilising state-of-the-art surface mount placement machines and we can also form, populate and solder through-hole components, either by hand or by using automatic soldering techniques.  Our PCBA services encompass both through-hole (conventional), and our automated state-of-the-art surface mount (SMT) machines assemble and inspect your boards. Our experienced operators monitor and manage processes to ensure there are zero defects. 

PCB test and inspection

ESCATEC is experienced in designing and implementing a variety of test techniques to ensure products are reliable and thoroughly tested – saving customers' time and money downstream by reducing field failures. We develop sound-test and inspection strategies that verify defined product quality and functionality, in addition to manufacturing process integrity.

Our in-depth technical assessment is based on the following considerations:

  • Product design requirements
  • Testability requirements
  • Component types
  • Product complexity
  • Manufacturing process
  • Product maturity
  • Product lifecycle implications

We can predict the defects most likely to occur in the manufacturing process by assessing the above factors in detail. Our customers have boosted both the cost-effectiveness and reliability of their end products by taking this assessment into account. 

PCB Assembly

Box Build Assembly

Complementing our PCB assembly services, ESCATEC’s box build capability forms part of a comprehensive array of electro-mechanical assembly, cabinet assembly and complete system integration services.

Our customers take advantage of tailored, flexible, configure-to-order, system integration and test services. Whether you need a small PCB assembling into a plastic enclosure or a large front panel equipped with a display, full harness, connectors, switches, fuses, etc we can help.

Going beyond the remit of a typical box build, ESCATEC’s engineering and manufacturing teams are also experienced in the production of complex electro-mechanical "mechatronics" products. These are better described as machines rather than products and often require bespoke configuration.

Our box build manufacturing expertise encompasses:

  • Cables
  • Harnesses
  • Complex looms
  • Backplanes
  • Sub-modules
  • Complex electro-mechanical assembly
  • Electro-pneumatic assembly
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Control Cabinet Assembly
& Panel Wiring

ESCATEC provides a broad range of options for customers requiring rack system development, from single front panel assembly to a full custom control cabinet. Renowned as a quality, right first-time service, our rack systems expertise means we can procure all necessary components.
Whether you need controllers, switches, timers, encoders, machined, fabricated metalwork or even plastic products, we will co-ordinate the entire supply chain for you and deliver guaranteed traceability.

We support manufacturers across a range of market sectors with a variety of integration capabilities, including:

Control Cabinet V2
  • Custom cabling
  • Panel wiring
  • Modular sub-rack manufacture
  • Sub-rack installation (backplanes, daughter cards)
  • Power installation
  • Power configuration
  • Heat management
  • Systems integration
  • Telecommunications cabinets
  • Process control and automation
  • Software loading
  • Software testing

Cable Assembly and Wiring Looms

ESCATEC has a breadth of experience gained from producing simple point-to-point cables and straightforward looms to multi-component assemblies and complex looms. We can process cable from 36AWG to 6AWG for use in demanding environments, including medical, surgical, or high-end audio.

Whether your requirement is for a single-ended wire or a full harness complete with connectors, switches, and fuses, you can be confident that we will provide a high-quality service that is right the first time.



We produce many complex mechanical assemblies, which often feature a similar number of parts to a PCB assembly. These products demand high levels of skill, precision, accuracy, and consistency. There is considerable in-house experience producing mechanical assemblies. They have such a high level of moving parts, so we refer to them as "machines" rather than products.

The awareness of critical engineering tolerances and the use of mechanical tools and gauges is key when producing moving mechanical assemblies of this complexity. Our skills-base also extends to testing mechanical and pneumatic assemblies. Following rigorous approval processes, our supply chain partners for custom parts – such as plastics, machined and fabricated metalwork – are monitored for quality and delivery performance. Tight control of the material supply chain ensures that, as with electronic parts, the availability of high-quality mechanical parts is maintained for timely production.

Many of the large-format assemblies produced by ESCATEC need wire and cable interconnection between boards and sub-assemblies. This can be via cable forms or point-to-point wiring.

As part of our electro-mechanical assembly service, we are often called on to produce machines that require critical cable routing, so that the moving parts may function. We also undertake electrical wiring of switch and instrument panels, as well as sophisticated control cabinets. These are all essential requirements for many of our customers. This activity reflects the same standards of accuracy and consistency as our PCB and mechanical assembly work.

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When to approach an EMS provider

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When to approach an EMS Provider

Test Solutions

Testing is an integral part of the manufacturing process, which ensures defects are rooted out and resolved before a product reaches its intended customer. Testing is the only way to achieve optimal processes that result in products that have as close to a 0 per cent failure rate as possible. 

Many people believe that testing is optional - something you do after a product has been made; a postscript to the manufacturing process. At ESCATEC we recommend that test is carried out at various stages along the way. Finding a fault in a product before it has been manufactured to its full value and either rectifying or scrapping it is a lot more effective than testing the finished goods to discover a fault and then rejecting them.

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10 critical steps to outsourcing your electronics manufacturing

Learn how to write your RFQ, choose the right-fit partner and plan your first build. This guide will give you the practical steps to select and transfer production to the right EMS provider.

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Plastic Injection Moulding

ESCATEC offers new and existing customers a highly sophisticated in-house plastic injection moulding service. Available in both our Penang and Johor Bahru facilities in Malaysia, and in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Each day thousands of complex plastic parts and components are produced to very high tolerances and supplied to demanding markets such as Medical and Automotive.

Our capabilities extend across the full range of injection moulding activities, including product design work, mould making and maintenance, testing and analysis, volume production, quality control, and delivery to the final user.

Collectively in Penang and Johor Bahru, ESCATEC has over 120 staff dedicated to this capability running a total of x57 1K horizontal machines, x3 2K horizontal machines, and x4 1K vertical machines, ranging in size from 15 to 460 tonnes.

Our in-house plastic injection moulding services offer customers: 

  • Reduced time to market
  • Ability to control costs better
  • Increased quality
  • Seamless transition to volume manufacturing
  • Removal of third-party supply partners
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Order Fulfilment

Outbound Logistics

To support the bespoke service level agreements we have in place for our customers, we offer a wide range of outbound logistics solutions to guarantee products are delivered on time and in full.

Our customers benefit from our custom packaging solutions we design together with you to guarantee the safe delivery of high precision electronic and electro-mechanical products.

In addition to next day delivery, we can also satisfy your "same day shipment" requirements through our dedicated couriers. Alternatively, where increased levels of flexibility are needed – for instance, configured-to-order products or products that require shipping with spares/accessories – we have demonstrable experience in product marshalling and managing consolidated shipments to site.

Postponement Manufacturing

For some customers, postponement manufacturing is the best way to meet demand forecasting challenges.

With our late-stage configuration and configure-to-order manufacturing services, we ensure our customers can respond rapidly to opportunities as and when they occur.

This truly agile supply chain service harnesses our postponement manufacturing expertise and outbound logistics capabilities, including direct shipment. For our OEM customers with highly configurable products, these late-stage configuration and postponement techniques will alleviate demand forecasting challenges. 

postponement manufacturing

Proven to deliver high levels of product differentiation and supply chain efficiency, the postponement of final product assembly until customer demand is clearly defined means that our customers can react rapidly and more effectively to opportunities as they arise.

Postponement manufacturing is a relatively simple theory, although it involves a high degree of collaboration and visibility throughout the supply chain. Our experienced team will manufacture a generic version of the product up to embryo level. We then hold this in inventory until the customer sends instructions to progress. The final product is then configured and packaged, which is directly linked to customer demand. The postponement manufacturing process is highly responsive, enabling customers to rapidly configure different variations/options along with the appropriate accessories, packaging and instruction manuals for the product and the country it is being shipped to.

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