At ESCATEC, we help our customers Innovate, Scale, and Repeat. We make the transition between design and manufacturing seamless. And we work with you to extend the lifetime of products out in the marketplace whilst supporting you with the next iteration. It’s a continuous cycle of improvement.

Whether your goal is to continue to design and launch new products every few years to keep ahead of the competition or extend the lifecycle of your existing ones, we have you covered.


Relationship Management

When you first partner with ESCATEC you’ll be assigned a Key Account Manager based on their skill set, expertise and understanding of your outsourcing requirements. This gives you one point of contact through which you will receive the best customer service possible.

Through regular close communication, your Key Account Manager will build up an excellent understanding of your existing product range and also your future growth objectives. They will proactively coordinate internal resources so that the ‘Repeat’ stage of the ESCATEC process is seamless. Whether that’s arranging time with our Design and Development team so that a new design can be worked on, or with our procurement professionals to ensure continuity of supply, their role is to help you grow. 

It is vital we have regular contact with our customers on a strategic level. We want to ensure that both of our businesses are aligned and this is only possible if we have regular business strategy reviews that involve customer growth targets, forecasts, and goals.

Demand for your product is strong but you know it’s only a matter of time before the competition starts to try and catch up. You’re not looking to stand still, you’re a market leader, and that’s where the ‘Repeat’ stage of the ESCATEC process kicks in. While your existing products are being manufactured by us at scale, we support you by repeating the cycle so we can start innovating again. We work closely with you to continuously imagine how improvements can be made to your existing range—how can we make them better, faster, and cheaper? 

Periodically it is important to step back and analyse our OEM-EMS partnership—what direction are we going in, and what are we both trying to achieve? If our two companies are aligned, we will be making a joint investment and growing together..

Keeping this relationship transparent and working together as a team is the only way we will both be able to hit our strategic targets. This could be anything from the design of a product to the desire to expand into a particular market. 

Communication, transparency, and strategy alignment are the foundations of a successful OEM-EMS partnership. The stronger the relationship, the more chance we have to create a great product, access a new market, reduce costs and maximise profits.

Product Lifecycle Management

Helping you continuously improve, we identify and execute supply chain efficiencies to ensure the most agile material pipeline is put in place to meet the sales demands of your end-user. As the volume of products increase, we gradually introduce strategic changes to the supply chain that will improve efficiencies and decrease costs. And as your product matures we keep your supply chain as efficient as possible and work continuously to mitigate risks and protect you as much as possible.

Given the time it takes to place certain devices on the market, keeping them there for as long as possible is essential.  Maximising the product’s lifecycle and ensuring supply chain continuity is critical to achieving your growth goals. Our team work with you to ensure your products can function out in the marketplace for the longest time possible.

Our expertise in ensuring our customers’ Bills of Materials (BOMs) are accurate and complete is supported by sophisticated audit and analysis tools that provide customers with the confidence that they will be kept fully aware of component life cycle information. Our knowledge and close monitoring of markets ensures that we are able to adapt our supply chain to changes in market conditions with speed and agility.

With product life-cycles becoming shorter each year, especially within the semiconductor market, thousands of components become obsolete; therefore, component obsolescence requires continual vigilance. At ESCATEC, we have significant expertise in all aspects of obsolescence management and work closely with key partners to provide up to date and extensive information to customers. With early warning processes in place to identify ‘at-risk’ parts, we can perform obsolescence risk analysis before a part has been discontinued and plan the transition to a replacement device or identify sources of the device that is becoming obsolete, in conjunction with our customer’s needs.


Power up your ideas, designs and products.

Our experts analyse your idea, design or product and provide you with detailed suggestions for improvement.

Repair & Rework

Whether you have a damaged unit out in the field or have an entire batch of products that needs upgrading to the latest revision, we are able to create bespoke repair and rework agreements to meet your supply chain needs.

Our repair and rework capabilities will be right for you when:

  • Your product is uneconomic to repair but the cause of the fault needs to be fully understood. In this instance, a comprehensive analysis of faults found can be fed back to you for future product improvements
  • Your product has been discarded by the consumer for one (or more) of the following reasons: fashion/cosmetics/ageing functionality/legislation/choice. Therefore, it requires remanufacture and/or repackaging
  • Your product is failing in the field but can be economically repaired
  • Your product has not yet been sold to the end customer, but requires some modification or repair (e.g. a software upgrade was identified as being required whilst the product was being shipped).

Additionally, to support the on-going supply agreements you have in place with your customers, ESCATEC can offer repair, rework, remanufacture, upgrade and modification services for your product lines.

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