We’re no ordinary EMS Company. But what do we mean by that?

When you think of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) what does this mean to you? If you think of contract manufacturing for PCB assemblies you’re probably not alone. Providing PCB assemblies is often seen as the cornerstone of an EMS company. Indeed, for the majority of companies, PCBA is the ‘be all and end all’ of their business. Here at Paragon, we’ve always been a little bit different and this is partly what we mean when we say we’re ‘No ordinary EMS Company.’

Of course, we do have customers who rely on us to deliver high quality PCB assembly services. But we also have others for whom we provide extended services where we take on additional responsibilities for cable assembly, box-build, electro-mechanical assembly and precision mechatronics assembly. For these customers, we produce a wide variety of products, cabinets and even, highly complex ‘machines’.

It makes sense really. Having led the way in electronics assembly for many years, we know that complex mechanical assemblies demand the same high levels of skill, precision, accuracy and consistency as their electronic counterparts. So, we bring together complex electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic assembly skills sets.

Thanks to our unique combination of expertise and experience, when customers partner with us, they not only reduce their costs but they also remove complexity from their business to enable them to respond more rapidly to unforeseen demand.

UK and Central European manufacturing facilities, a Europe-wide supply chain for electronic, electrical and mechanical components plus custom plastics, machined parts and fabricated metalwork, extensive electro-mechanical and electro-pneumatic assembly skills; are just a few of the ways we’re different and not so ‘ordinary.’ If you’re interested in finding out more about our proven precision mechanical assembly capabilities, please do get in touch.

Written by John Mayes

John is a business consultant with an extensive career spanning over 30 years. During this time Chris has set up, led, and acquired highly successful component distribution and EMS companies including Paragon Electronics and JJS Manufacturing.