Business is booming in Johor Bahru

Posted on Thursday November 16, 2017


To meet ever increasing high-volume orders in manufacturing PCBAs for our customers, ESCATEC’s Johor Bahru has made new investments in their Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines.

A new, best-in-class, YSM20 mounter has been added to one of the SMT lines. With a flexible head solution any shape or size components can be quickly placed on boards without the need to exchange the head. Known for its superior performance, using the YSM20 greatly increases PCBA manufacturing speeds.

A YC8 has also been added to a second SMT line, which caters specifically to unusually shaped components.  A Koh Young 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) machine has also been added to line 2. Further investments were also made in an additional laser marking machine, needed to add barcodes to PCBs for traceability, and PCBA router capacity.

With installations expected to be completed by end of this year, ESCATEC is increasing its capacity to meet customer demand whilst also enhancing productivity and flexibility for future projects.

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