ESCATEC has distilled decades of experience into a comprehensive online library of resources aimed at helping you make the right decisions

Penang, Malaysia - March 10, 2022

We understand that it can be a daunting process trying to find the right Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider for your business.
Outsourcing product design and electronics/electro-mechanical manufacturing is a complex topic. Seemingly ‘basic’ decisions like whether your organization should outsource in the first place can take huge amounts of time to decide due to the numerous factors that must be considered. And every subsequent step thereafter, from deciding on the type of partner you need, how to shortlist potential candidates, and then the final selection process and auditing of facilities involves a deep understanding and knowledge of the industry. Get it right and your organisation will reap lucrative dividends in terms of profits and market share, but the reverse can also happen if you get it wrong.  
Whether you are new to outsourcing or you have been working with an EMS partner for several years and now looking to change, ESCATEC has distilled decades of experience into a comprehensive online library of resources aimed to help you make the right decision.
Our online library is currently hosted on the JJS Manufacturing website (, a wholly owned ESCATEC subsidiary with manufacturing sites in the UK and Czech Republic. A ‘combined and expanded’ library will be available later this year when we launch our enhanced ESCATEC website. New topics and titles will periodically be added so do drop by from time-to-time, or for convenience, please register on the website for our “EMS Review” blog newsletter and we will keep you regularly updated.
A summary of the current resources available on the online library at JJS Manufacturing is presented below. 
A)  Informative weekly blog covering a wide range of topics related to electronics manufacturing, design, and supply chain
B)  Wide selection of industry eBooks loaded with best practice advice to help you gain a good understanding of contract electronics manufacturing. Twenty titles are currently available for download (listed below) at
  1. Executive Guide to Outsourcing Your Electronics Manufacturing
  2. An Introduction to Outsourcing your Electronics Manufacturing
  3. The first six months: Working in partnership with JJS Manufacturing/ESCATEC
  4. Outsourcing: A collection of EMS case studies from JJS Manufacturing/ESCATEC
  5. Outsourcing Product Design
  6. A Step-by-Step Guide to New Product Introduction (NPI)
  7. The Electronics Manufacturing Horizon: An alternative view of the traditional EMS tier system
  8. 10 Critical Steps to Outsourcing Your Electronics Manufacturing
  9. Supply Chain Excellence
  10. Achieving Quality, Consistency and Delivery within Electronics Manufacturing
  11. The Definitive Guide to Test
  12. Outbound Logistics
  13. Laboratory Technology: Outsourcing, in order to innovate
  14. Test and Measurement: Outsourcing with precision and accuracy
  15. Process Instrumentation and Control: Your guide to implementing a successful outsourcing strategy
  16. Industrial Automation
  17. Design guidelines for in-circuit testability
  18. An Introduction to Value Analysis and Value Engineering
  19. The OEMs Guide to Implementing Value Analysis / Value Engineering
  20. When to Approach an EMS Provider
C)  A selection of short videos on the electronic and electro-mechanical manufacturing services provided by JJS Manufacturing at covered include:
  1. End to End Manufacturing
  2. Box Build Assembly
  3. Cabinet Assembly
  4. Electro-Mechanical Assembly Services
D)  A Complete Guide to Outsourcing Your Electronics Manufacturing
E)  A Complete Guide to Supply Chain Management
As noted earlier, we plan to launch a refreshed ESCATEC website later this year that will feature an expanded and centralised online library for your convenience. We sincerely believe our efforts in this regard will be useful to you and your organisation in making better decisions about outsourcing your electronics manufacturing needs. Since this initiative is tailored for your benefit, please drop us an email at if there are any specific topics relating to product design or electronics manufacturing that you would like us to consider publishing.
Finally, if you have further questions or would like to speak to a member of the ESCATEC team on a no-obligation and fully confidential basis about how we can help your organisation launch a new product, reduce time to market or help you scale for the future, send us an email at and we’ll get in touch. All photos are from ESCATEC. 
Our best wishes.