World-leading customer places great value on its business relationship with the ESCATEC Group

Penang, Malaysia - October 30, 2019

One of the world’s leading suppliers of safety products and solutions to the marine, oil and gas, transport and building industries, places great value on its long-standing business relationship with the ESCATEC Group.
This customer’s product portfolio comprises fire alarm systems, gas and emission detection, complete fire safety systems and flame detection.
A key point for this customer is that ESCATEC’s senior management and production teams are “open to constructive feedback and eager to please”, said Niklas Gustafsson, a Production Engineer with the customer, during a recent visit to ESCATEC Electronics Sdn Bhd in Penang, Malaysia.
Niklas and his colleagues from Sweden are regulars to ESCATEC Electronics, visiting at least once or twice a year to monitor the production systems and processes and to confer with ESCATEC’s production team assigned to the customer’s products.
Niklas says he has observed a continuous improvement in production processes and product quality over the years in ESCATEC Electronics. The engineers and production operators are receptive to feedback and new ideas and to learning new skills, he says, which makes solving problems a whole lot smoother.
“I enjoy working with the production team and visiting ESCATEC,” he states. It’s also great that Penang with its food, UNESCO world heritage status and tropical weather, is a very nice place to visit.
There is always room for further improvement.
To consolidate processes and product quality, General Manager of ESCATEC Penang (which comprises of ESCATEC Electronics and ESCATEC Medical Sdn Bhd), Lambert Schutters, places strong emphasis on boosting open communication and discussion channels between all levels of employees.
Initiatives implemented towards this end include the reinvigoration of an Employee Suggestion Scheme (nicknamed ESCATIP) where all employees are encouraged and incentivized to submit ideas and feedback directly to the management.
ESCATEC also strongly believes in up-skilling its employees through frequent training and creating opportunities for them to gain a lot of varied experience by meeting and working with customers from around the world.
The leading companies located in the global bustling electronics cluster that is the Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone in Penang – where ESCATEC Electronics and ESCATEC Medical are based - generate high demand for good, skilled and experienced talent.
ESCATEC Penang has implemented several measures and is working on introducing several others in order to retain talent and to attract new talent to its workforce, such as facilitating career development, improving remuneration, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose, and positioning the Group as a preferred employer.
Based on personal experience, Niklas says that there are some very talented and capable people at ESCATEC Electronics. “I am always happy when I come here because a lot of work gets done”, he notes.
ESCATEC, from its very early days, formulated and implemented five core values which have been entwined into the DNA of the Group. These core values are widely and regularly emphasised to all employees including new recruits.
The first and foremost of these core values is “Customer Satisfaction”.
As expounded by Group Chairman Christophe Albin, “We recognise our customers’ ever-changing requirements and respond to them quickly. We consistently deliver the best possible service, expertise, quality, lead times and cost efficiency. Our customer relationships are based on commitment, mutual trust, collaboration and co-evolution”.
Besides Customer Satisfaction, the other core values of the ESCATEC Group are: Committed Personnel; Ethical Conduct of Business; Continuous Improvement and Results Orientated.
ESCATEC would like to extend its sincere thanks to Niklas for his willingness to share his experience and opinions - which will help ESCATEC to further improve - and our utmost appreciation to our customer for the longstanding, highly successful and mutually beneficial business relationship.
Photo 1 shows the Production Team having a discussion with Niklas Gustafsson.
Clockwise from left: Chang Xin Yi (Test Engineer), Vijay Suppiah (Key Account Manager), Prakash Soman (Process Engineer), Teoh Kim Chye (FA Technician), Ong Yuen Lin (Quality Engineer), and Niklas Gustafsson.
Photo 2 below: Niklas Gustafsson.
Photo 3 below: ESCATEC's core values are emphasized at every opportunity.
Production Team.JPG