Exemplifying ESCATEC's core values, a cross-functional team swung into action to fulfill a customer's urgent request

Penang, Malaysia - October 2, 2020

As a business organisation and in the conduct of its employees, ESCATEC holds very firmly to its five core values.
These simple - but fundamentally profound - core values are not simply slogans. On the contrary, employees are regularly reminded about how important they are as a standard against which every process, operation, individual performance, and customer interaction is measured.
A recent event in ESCATEC Penang provides just one illustration of the application of these core values.
One of our customers in the automotive sector submitted an urgent request, they needed some prototypes manufactured to the highest standards and on a very short timeline. The prototypes were not “simple” products by any means and would require various technologies and processes to be fine-tuned and expertly coordinated in order to meet the urgent delivery.
A cross-functional team specialising in the automotive market segment (referred to as a MYCOM team, i.e. “My Company”, in ESCATEC) immediately swung into action. They worked very hard and very closely with the common goal of meeting the customer’s needs, worked out all the details, sourced the necessary components, ironed out all problems that cropped up, and got the new assembly line running in record time.
The prototypes, meeting all the required specifications, were successfully delivered in time to a very satisfied customer. A special note of thanks to the MYCOM team consisting of Key Account Manager KC Khoo, Project Manager Sean HC Ooi, Mohd Hafiz Othman, Ching Chun Kai and Tan Aik Eng.
As a further point of interest, ESCATEC Penang which is IATF 16949:2016 certified is in the process of qualifying additional personnel to the exacting requirements of VDA 6.3 by the end of 2020. The objective, of course, is for ESCATEC to be ready to meet the future requirements of its growing customer base.
Our five core values all came into play in this recent example of how ESCATEC gets things done for customers. We believe every customer is special and we try our very best to deliver the very best to each one. Simply put, every customer is a priority to ESCATEC.
ESCATEC’s Core Values
Customer Satisfaction
Committed Personnel
Ethical Conduct of Business
Continuous Improvement
Results Orientated
On the right: The MYCOM team deep in discussion.
1: The team welcomes the delivery of components for the urgent project.
2:  Every employee is schooled on ESCATEC's core values.
3:  ESCATEC Penang 
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