New cutting-edge “active alignment” capability at ESCATEC enables production of very high-quality camera modules

31 May 2022 - Heerbrugg, Switzerland

by Alexander Grabher
Microsystems Packaging Engineer
ESCATEC Switzerland AG
ESCATEC continues to invest ambitiously to upgrade capabilities across all its manufacturing locations in Asia and Europe.
The Group recently welcomed the installation of a fully automated advanced “ProCam Compact” system for the MOEMS division in ESCATEC Switzerland, which now is being put to good use for the assembly of high-quality camera modules that generate superb image quality across the entire field of view.
This new capability will also further enable ESCATEC to cater to a range of emerging industries that need high quality image processing systems and optical sensors for a wide variety of applications. For example, in the automotive sector, autonomous driving systems require 3D cameras, LIDAR scanners, IR cameras for detecting obstacles at night, and other advanced optical components. Other examples include high-definition endoscopes for industrial and medical applications and imaging laser scanners to create digital 3D images.
Designed and supplied by Germany-based optical measurement and manufacturing systems specialist, Trioptics, this new system in ESCATEC Switzerland has been installed in the MOEMS division’s ISO Class 7 cleanroom and provides a fully automated process for the active alignment, assembly, and inspection of camera modules.
Put very simply, optical sensor systems such as cameras or LIDAR scanners consist of a sensor chip and lens. The more precisely the lens is aligned with the sensor chip, the better the optical image quality of the camera. “Active alignment” specifically is the process of aligning an image sensor to a lens while actively reading image data from the sensor. The software in ESCATEC Switzerland’s ProCam Compact system can connect to the camera sensor and align the lens until the most optimal position is found. The alignment of the lens is done with a high precision hexapod in the sub-micrometer range in 5 axes (displacement in X/Y, tilt, X/Y, and focus).
Established in 1974, ESCATEC offers a fully integrated and complete range of electronics, box build, and electro-mechanical solutions - from design & development (D&D), prototyping, product certification, to mass production and after-sales services. The Group’s current footprint comprises of a D&D centre in Switzerland and a network of modern production facilities in Malaysia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic.
ESCATEC also has a long-standing partnership with Wisconsin-based Surface Mount Technology Corp. that provides a base in the North American market, and a more recent partnership with Croatia-based electronics design house Byte Lab as an extended workbench for product development, design, and prototyping services.
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Photo on the right: The MOEMS Division in ESCATEC Switzerland 
Photos below: The Trioptics ProCam Compact system in ESCATEC Switzerland
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