New General Manager at Johor Bahru

New general manager continues to develop ESCATEC’s world class operations.

Leadership & employee support

ESCATEC, the global provider of high-grade industrial electronic and box build design and manufacturing solutions, recently appointed a new member to its executive leadership team.

Mr. Juha Arola is now the general manager (GM) of the company’s two Johor Bahru facilities, ESCATEC Mechatronics and ESCATEC Industries (EMM and EIM). Over the last 23 years, Mr. Arola has accumulated a wealth of manufacturing experience in various management positions at companies such as Ericsson, Samina and Sunpower. Mr. Arola’s responsibilities include directing manufacturing facilities’ operations and providing leadership and support to employees.

He previously worked for ESCATEC in Johor Bahru as general manager from 2008-2015 and reports to Mr. Armin von Wehrden, COO of the ESCATEC Group, who is based at the company’s headquarters in Penang, Malaysia.


Mr. Arola is a solution driven individual and says,

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“I intend to strategically develop ESCATEC’s Johor Bahru facilities to their full potential and to continuously develop ESCATEC’s world class operations.”

We welcome Mr. Arola back and wish him much success.