New production lines installed at ESCATEC Penang

Penang, Malaysia - January 15, 2020

Several new production lines are being set up today at our main facility in Penang, which hosts ESCATEC Electronics (EEM) and ESCATEC Medical (EDM).
The new lines are to cater for the initiation of mass production for two new customers, headquartered in Europe and the U.S. respectively, and for an increase in production volumes for an existing customer from Europe.
Due to business growth, it is highly likely that additional new production lines will be established over the coming months, notes Lambert Schutters, General Manager of ESCATEC Penang.
ESCATEC currently operates two production facilities in Penang, both located in the global electronics cluster of Bayan Lepas. The main facility houses the corporate HQ, EEM and EDM while the second smaller facility (referred to internally as P3) focuses on quality plastic molded components.
The main facility started operations in May 2018 and features 22,051 sqm of total production space on the ground floor, with a smaller clean-room on the first floor. The warehouse and shipping departments, and some engineering and production personnel, are adjacent to the production floor. The office area – which houses all the various departments and the corporate HQ – meanwhile is located on the first floor.
Some 700 employees are based at the main facility with many production lines operating 24/7.
The main facility was specifically planned and renovated to accommodate expected strong growth in production volumes, and in hindsight that was a very good decision.
Lambert estimates that EEM and EDM utilised about 40% of the production space when ESCATEC first moved into the building in Q2 2018. That figure is now above 60% and is expected to increase significantly again over the course of the year.
“It’s a good thing we have the room the accommodate new orders and customers,’ notes Lambert.
Besides the two facilities in Penang, ESCATEC also operates another two production facilities in Malaysia –  under ESCATEC Mechatronics Sdn Bhd – in the southern state of Johor Bahru in close proximity to Singapore.
ESCATEC Penang specialises on pcba and box build solutions for the industrial, instrumentation, medical, automotive, building automation, and high-end consumer sectors.
ESCATEC Mechatronics meanwhile focuses on pcba and mechatronic box build solutions for the industrial, beverages, utilities and high-end consumer sectors.
A fifth production facility – ESCATEC Switzerland AG – is based at the beautiful small town of Heerbrugg in Switzerland, a stone’s throw away from the Austrian border. It focuses on high-quality advanced electronics, design and development, industrial, LED & lighting, medical, MOEMs, and box build solutions.
Established in 1974, the ESCATEC Group currently employs about 1600 employees and works closely with a long and varied list of world-leading brands. The Group has the expertise, experience and resources to offer the complete A-Z value chain in relation to electronics and box build solutions.
Cover Photo (backdrop):  The production floor at the main Penang facility.
Photo 2: Installing the new production lines.
Photo 3: Delivering new monitors for the new production lines. 
Photo 4: Lambert with some of his management team.
Photo 5: Exterior view of the main Penang facility.
Photo 6: ESCATEC Mechatronics's J2 production facility in Johor Bahru.
Photo 7: View of the MOEMS division in ESCATEC Switzerland
Photo 8: Exterior view of ESCATEC Switzerland in Heerbrugg
2. Setting up the new production lines.JPG