ESCATEC implements risk mitigation measures against 2019-nCoV outbreak

Penang, Malaysia - January 28, 2020

ESCATEC is dedicated to the objectives of being an exemplary corporate citizen and responsible member of the community. At every location it operates in ESCATEC places the utmost priority on Health & Safety, not only of its own workforce but also that of our customers, suppliers, visitors and local residents. It is incumbent upon us to do the very best to safeguard their wellbeing. 
In response to the continuing spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus – officially designated as the 2019-nCoV outbreak – ESCATEC has implemented measures with the aim of minimising the potential risks from the outbreak affecting the wellbeing of our employees, our production and all those who do business with us.
The risk mitigation measures, as summarised below, are already implemented at all our facilities:
Employee Health
All employees are now required:
I. To be screened for high temperature (fever) before entering the facility and to wear face masks on the premises. 
II. Not to come to work if they have flu-like symptoms and until they have had a medical check.
III. Not to come to work for 14 days after visiting China or Hong Kong or have close family members who have visited China or Hong Kong.
IV. All business travel to China and Hong Kong is suspended and all air travel limited to essential trips. All employees travelling by air will be instructed to wear face masks in airports and on planes.
V. Additional health guidance is being emphasised to all employees, such as the importance of maintaining personal hygiene (e.g. regular hand washing, etc) and intensification of facility sanitary maintenance (e.g. frequent sanitising of door handles, stair rails, washroom taps, etc).
Visiting ESCATEC
The following risk mitigation measures have been imposed for all visitors to ESCATEC:
I. No one who has visited China or HK in the previous 14 days will be admitted to any ESCATEC facility.
II. Supplier visits to ESCATEC in Malaysia are not allowed unless in exceptional cases the visit is approved by the General Manager.
III. Visitors to ESCATEC in Malaysia will have to undergo a temperature check on arrival and wear face masks when on ESCATEC premises.
Kindly note the above requirements if you are visiting or intend to visit any ESCATEC facility. You are also advised to check the latest travel advice issued by your home country authorities in relation to the 2019-nCoV outbreak.
As multiple ESCATEC production facilities and the Corporate HQ are based in Malaysia, kindly take note that Malaysian authorities have introduced additional precautions at all airports including a ban on flights from Wuhan and screening of travellers arriving from China. 
With the situation developing day-by-day, you are strongly advised to check for the most current advice and restrictions before you travel.
Customers & Suppliers 
ESCATEC will inform all customers of the risk mitigation measures that have been implemented and will keep everyone regularly updated on any travel advice or further restrictions. 
ESCATEC is also conducting a “stress test” on its suppliers in affected regions to identify potential risks to production. Preventive measures - such as diversifying the supply chain and holding a higher inventory – may be implemented if necessary to mitigate potential risks to delivery dates. 
The measures summarised above may be temporarily inconvenient, nonetheless in this critical situation, it is undoubtedly most important to protect our employees, the wider community and the people and companies who have a relationship with ESCATEC.
Any questions or enquiries regarding the above can be directed to or by contacting Rajeshpal Singh, Corporate Marketing & Communications Manager, at; tel: +60 4 643 2554.
Backdrop photo above: Malaysian Health officers screening passengers arriving from China. Credit: Mohd Rasfan/AFP.
Photo 2: Common symptoms of the 2019-NCoV flu. Credit: Mikael Haggstrom, M.D.
Photo 3 below: Medical staff treating a 2019-nCoV patient in a hospital at the epicentre in Wuhan. Credit: REUTERS
3. Symptoms.jpg