12 Jun, 2017 / BY Jessica Plank

What impact will Generation Z have on the manufacturing sector?

JJS Manufacturing InsightsHuge, I think the answer is going to be. But of course, the skills those born between 1994 and 2010 bring to the workplace will be 'different' to those before them. But that's not a bad thing. The world has moved on since 1994 and we need a solid workforce that can adapt to fast pace change in the technology sector.

This article by Lisa Haggar, HM Manager at TGW Logistics Group enlightens us on what to expect from Millennials in general and just how different the characteristics and expectations will be of our employees in the future.

Being completely technology driven, it begs the question if Generation Z employees will have the incentive to carry out some of the manual tasks still required today within engineering and manufacturing. Perhaps they won't. Perhaps they will help pioneer new ways of working, eradicating the need for certain manual tasks and take up key roles developing and implementing automated solutions designed to help drive efficiency?

We already know we have a skills gap in our sector. So how will Generation Z employees help us plug this? What sort of new skills will we need and how will these 'dovetail' into the rest of the workplace?

Lisa's article provides a useful insight into some of the different personality traits and expectations Generation Z have, and what we should prepare ourselves for in the future.

How many of us are parents who have moaned at the kids to come off that computer, too much time on Facebook….?? Well sorry to tell you this parents…. our kids will become smart adults, who can deal with a lot of data and make decisions…so leave them alone to do their thing!


Written by Jessica Plank

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