It’s all in the details: The right encapsulation adds value

Posted on Friday November 17, 2017

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By applying the right glue sealing solution, customers can increase reliability and extend the life of their electronic product. ESCATEC, leading providers of electronic manufacturing services, explains how.

Reviewing the details of how a product is built can result in significant value for your end customers. When optimised, these small, yet important details, can transform a good product into a great one.


A leading OEM of military products contacted the MICRO OPTICAL ELECTRONIC MECHANICAL SYSTEM (MOEMS) Facility at ESCATEC’s Swiss plant to develop a stable gluing solution for its products. With its highly regarded encapsulation methods for Chip-on-Board technology, the MOEMS Facility took on the challenge.


Conventional glues used to manually fix components to pads on PCBs are not durable enough to withstand the shock and vibration military products demand. PCB-mounted components using such glues easily dislodge just by dropping the product. Imagine what the extreme shock and vibrations experienced by military products could result in.  

A must: consistently perfect assembly each and every time

The application of conventional glues is inconsistent. Thick and pasty, the glue must be applied manually. Quality suffers because not all areas, especially those under the components, can be reached. Military products must meet strict specification standards and reliability is very high on this list.


To fulfill customer specifications, the product had to withstand extreme vibration and shock forces of up to 3000 G and the assembly of each PCB component had to be consistently perfect.


To achieve this requirement, an exclusive glue was developed for ESCATEC, together with its network partner, able to withstand up to 3000 G-forces. No longer a thick paste, the liquid glue flows easily into all hard-to-reach areas, properly protecting and sealing the delicate wire connections. The adhesive process was fully automated and application can now be accomplished with precision and consistency.


Automation saved time as well as manual labour and material waste costs. Any human errors when previously applying the glue manually were also eliminated. Finally, UV-detectable particles were added to the glue to enable easy and fast quality control under ultraviolet lighting, guaranteeing the same reliable quality for each of the customer’s products.

“Quite often the importance of the the right underfill is underestimated. Operational conditions can vary greatly between products and customised sealers become extremely important. ESCATEC developed a special understanding of underfills, which is rare for contract manufacturers, who normally use standard sealers.”

Wolfgang Plank

Senior Engineer at the ESCATEC MOEMS Facility


  • Full automation enables consistently perfect encapsulation on each and every product
  • Increased reliability and longer product life due to enhanced durability
  • Time and material savings due to perfectly dispensed adhesives and efficient quality controls