Leveraging know-how for the customer’s success

Posted on Friday November 17, 2017

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The world’s best-selling tea brand, and part of a Fortune 500 company, decided to offer tea drinkers a quick and easy way to brew their daily cuppa by creating a single serve tea brewing machine. An external engineering company was selected to develop and design the machine and ESCATEC was contracted to manufacture the product.


Before starting with manufacturing, ESCATEC first focuses on New Product Introduction (NPI) and the industrialisation of a product. This ensures that the customer's design has been thoroughly developed, tested and is ready for a successful start in mass production. Any potential manufacturing problems, which can occur from poor designs, are removed.


After the plastic parts were moulded and prototypes created from the external company’s designs, ESCATEC immediately discovered issues. These had to be improved before manufacturing could begin. 

Years of manufacturing know-how provides the successful solution

ESCATEC offers complete in-house solutions using years of engineering know-how in manufacturing. Marcel W. Hueppi, specialist in the Beverage Market Sector and director of business development at ESCATEC, was brought on board to work on a solution. Together with ESCATEC engineers in Switzerland and Malaysia, they proactively developed solutions including:

  • Design improvements for best-in-class quality and high yield assembly,
  • Assembly line setup for stable and cost effective mass production,
  • Material changes complying to EU food regulations,
  • Optimised injection mould parameters  for high quality parts,
  • Improved packaging concept to fulfil drop test requirements,
  • A state-of-the-art testing concept, customised for single serve tea brewing machine.

These solutions were effectively controlled, managed and justified via a structured Change Notice process (DCN) and thoroughly tested by our engineers before implementing in the project. All documentation, including customer and legal approvals, were seamlessly implemented for a successful start in mass production.

Optimised and launched within time and cost

With the added value of ESCATEC’s industrialisation and market segment know-how, an optimised, high quality brewing machine was launched within time and on cost. ESCATEC delivered a completely finished product, optimised by its in-house engineers, to a highly satisfied customer.

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“In the end, customers want a working product that fulfils their expectations of high and reliable quality...and we delivered that.”

Marcel W. Hueppi

Business Director Beverage Systems