Taking to the skies –
ESCATEC ramps up its drone production

Posted on Thursday March 15, 2018

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The global drone market continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. From insurance to construction to farming, just about every industry is rethinking the way they work. Real-time data collected by drones and the analysis of these insights help organisations make the right decisions faster. The possibilities are endless and the market is on the verge of a global boom. Experts estimate that by 2050, the industrial drone fleet in Europe and the US will comprise more than 1 million units and generate $50 billion per year in product and service revenues.

In December 2017, ESCATEC Switzerland finished refurbishing a new facility within walking distance of their main plant known as ESCAdrone and is now ramping up production of advanced industrial drones for surveying and inspection. The new location provides space for both assembly and indoor testing with optimised time and costs in a dedicated, safe and secure environment.

Dr. Ing. Thomas Dekorsy, General Manager at ESCATEC Switzerland says, "We support our customers by providing the capabilities and resources needed for their latest technologies and innovative products. We create more value for them by delivering with the highest quality and efficiency. That's why we are a highly trusted partner for leading-edge products and technologies, like drones."