Travellers from countries with more than 150,000 Covid-19 cases (currently 23 countries) will not be allowed entry effective 7 Sept 2020

Malaysia - September 7, 2020

Below is an important travel advisory for ESCATEC customers, partners, suppliers & employees; who may have been planning to visit ESCATEC's facilities in Penang and Johor Bahru.
In case of further inquiry, please get in touch with your ESCATEC contact or send an email to 
1:  Effective 7 September 2020, Malaysia will impose entry restrictions on foreign travellers from countries that have recorded over 150,000 COVID-19 cases. There are currently 23 countries on this "Restricted Entry" list, as below:
  •          United States of America
  •          Brazil
  •          India
  •          Russia
  •          Peru
  •          Colombia
  •          South Africa
  •          Mexico
  •          Spain
  •          Argentina
  •          Chile
  •          Iran
  •          United Kingdom
  •          Bangladesh
  •          Saudi Arabia
  •          Pakistan
  •          France
  •          Turkey
  •          Italy
  •          Germany
  •          Iraq
  •          Philippines
  •          Indonesia
2:  The entry restrictions are applicable on travellers who are citizens of/holders of long term passes of the countries listed above, who are residing in or travelling from those countries.
3:  This measure is part of continuing efforts by the Malaysian government to contain the spread of COVID-19, and is prompted by recent increases in the number of imported COVID-19 cases detected at international points of entry to Malaysia among travellers coming from the listed countries. The restriction is a temporary measure and will be reviewed regularly.   
4:  The entry restrictions also cover travellers holding long-term passes from Malaysia including:
  •        Permanent Residents (PR);
  •        Malaysia My Second Home Program (MM2H) pass holders;
  •        All Expatriates (including Employment pass Category I, II and III; Residence              Pass-Talent (RPT); Professional Visit pass; and Dependent pass);
  •        Resident pass holders;
  •        Spouse/Child of Malaysians with long-term social visit pass;
  •        Student pass holders; and
  •        Temporary Employment pass holders.
5:  Exemptions to the entry restrictions may be considered for travellers under the following  categories:
  •        Diplomats and their dependents who are eligible under the Exemption Order. However, for Diplomats or Embassy staff who are entering Malaysia for the first time, and residents in other countries that hold the United Nations (UN) / World Health Organisation (WHO) / United Nations Development Program (UNDP) passport, are required to obtain approval prior to travelling from the Director-General of the Immigration Department through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia.
  •          Ship crew members who are involved in sign-on/joint-ship and sign-off activities. A Letter of Guarantee (LG) and Seaman Book must be provided as additional required documents during entry. 
  •             Flight crew members for commercial or private flights. A General Declaration for the next flight operation must be provided as additional required documents during entry; and
  • ​            Professional crew/workers in the oil and gas industry with existing passes and prior entry approval from the Director-General of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
6:  Apart from the categories in paragraph 5 above, the Director-General of the Immigration  Department of Malaysia may consider exemption appeals, on a case-by-case basis, to enter Malaysia in cases of emergencies and on compassionate grounds.
7:  The enforcement mechanism for the entry restrictions at all Malaysian entry points is as follows:
  •         Inspection of travel documents, including place of issue, departure stamp on passport, and flight ticket;
  •         Travelers holding travel documents/long term visas from the countries listed above, or who are residents of the listed countries, will be prevented from entry into Malaysia;
  •         Travelers who have been denied entry into Malaysia will be directed to the respective airlines to be repatriated.
8:  The entry restrictions do not apply to travellers who are transiting in Malaysia for departure to another country, provided the transit travellers do not leave the departure terminal and do not go through immigration inspection.

9:  Malaysian citizens are exempted from this ruling. Malaysian citizens who wish to return to Malaysia, including from the countries listed above, may do so provided they have a Travel Notice  issued by the Embassy and a Letter of Undertaking to bear the costs of quarantine upon arrival. All Malaysians are also reminded to download, register, and activate the  MySejahtera online app before entering Malaysia. The app can be downloaded via

10:  Travellers denied entry or seeking clarification may call the Operations Room (24 hours) at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at: +603-8776-3681.
Image Credit: Malay Mail, COVID-19 Status in Malaysia as at 6 Sept 2020