Vincent Weidinger aims to focus on Kaizen & LEAN to meet the post-pandemic global economic recovery

Johor Bahru, Malaysia - August 20, 2020

Meet our new General Manager for ESCATEC Mechatronics Sdn Bhd.
Just a month into his new role, Vincent Weidinger says he and his family have settled in well in the southern Malaysian city of Johor Bahru, which is across the border from Singapore. He finds the seaside city to be green and liveable and his family is enjoying the tropical weather and warm welcome.
Vincent’s start at ESCATEC Mechatronics was delayed by the inbound restrictions imposed by the Malaysian government to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. He and his family finally were allowed entry in early July, and after a 2-week quarantine process, Vincent was able to step into his new office on 20th July.
ESCATEC Mechatronics – a very important member of the Group – operates two production facilities in Johor Bahru with a workforce of nearly 750 employees. The company currently runs 37 assembly lines and manufactures well over 400 different products.
Vincent says his first impression of ESCATEC Mechatronics is of it being a busy place. Production is humming along at a good clip and he finds the team to be committed and motivated. 
Although it is still early days, Vincent already intends to give more focus to Kaizen activities and to drive LEAN manufacturing. The objective, he says, is to further strengthen and position ESCATEC Mechatronics so that it can quickly respond to customer requirements as the global economy recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic.
Prior to ESCATEC Mechatronics, Vincent spent about nine years in China where he gained a wealth of manufacturing and operational experience and rose up the ranks with several multi-nationals. 
He was most recently the Plant Manager of a large facility in Kunshan, China, which specialises in injection moulding of high-precision plastic-metal hybrid parts and the assembly of electronic components for the automotive industry. In charge of a fast-growing team of over 400 employees, he received several awards for the plant’s great performance – such as Best Quality Supplier 2019 from Volkswagen Automatic Transmission.
Vincent is proficient in several languages - German (his native language), English, French and Mandarin – which most definitely is a great asset.
ESCATEC is most pleased to extend a warm welcome to Vincent and his family.
Photo (on the right): Vincent Weidinger
Photo 1 (below): ESCATEC Mechatronics's J1 facility.
Photo 2 (below): ESCATEC Mechatronic's J2 facility.
Photo 3 (below): A small selection of the products manufactured by ESCATEC Mechatronics.
Photo 4 (below): A view of the SMT lines in the J1 facility.
Photos 5 & 6 (below): Production operators in ESCATEC Mechatronics.
Photo 7 (below): Some of the plastic injection & moulding machines in the J1 facility.
Photo 8 (below): Some of the plastic injection & moulding machines in the J2 facility.