A ventilator manufactured by Maquet Getinge played a key role in saving the smallest baby boy ever born

ESCATEC manufactured the PCBA used in the Getinge NIV-NAVA ventilator which proved critically important in saving the life of the world's smallest baby boy. 

Penang, Malaysia - June 28, 2019

We recently heard some happy news from a customer and we thought it would be nice to share it with everyone else.
In  April this year, after 6 months in the neonatal intensive care unit at Nagano Children’s Hospital in Japan, little Ryusuke Sekino finally was able to move back home and be together with his family. He is believed to be the smallest baby boy ever born to leave a hospital safely.
His mother Toskiho had to undergo an emergency C-section after 24 weeks and 5 days into her pregnancy due to severe hypertension. Little Ryusuke weighed only a minuscule 258 grams at birth, about the weight of an apple.
Neonatologist Dr. Ryo Itoshima, one of the doctors who treated Ryusuke, has been quoted in news reports as saying that the Getinge Non-Invasive Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NIV-NAVA) ventilator played a crucial role in the baby’s survival.
The ESCATEC Group is very pleased to say that the Sweden-based Maquet Getinge Group is one of our valued customers. Maquet Getinge markets a range of products and solutions for acute care therapies, surgical workflows and for the Life Sciences sector.
ESCATEC manufactured the PCBA for the Getinge NIV-NAVA which helped Ryusuke’s miraculous journey.
Baby Ryusuke spent the final two and a half months of his hospital stay on the NIV-NAVA ventilator. According to the baby’s doctors, the ventilator worked extremely well and helped Ryusuke to develop his lungs and to gain weight. 
By April, Ryusuke had increased his weight thirteen fold, up to 3374 grams, and was ready to go home with his parents.
We found this to be a heart-warming story and would like to extend our sincere best wishes and congratulations to Ryusuke and his family, the doctors and nurses who tirelessly treated him, and to Maquet Getinge for making the best ventilators on the planet. 
Photo shows baby Ryusuke Sekino with his parents a day before his discharge from hospital. Photo credit: Kyodo