Border re-opening will enable more convenient travel, but travelers must still satisfy health & vaccination requirements

Penang, Malaysia – March 18, 2022

Malaysia has announced that it will be “re-opening” its international borders effective 1st April 2022, subject to travellers fulfilling certain simplified health & vaccination requirements. These requirements can be viewed or downloaded from the first link given below.


The border re-opening will enable Malaysians and non-Malaysians, who satisfy the health & vaccination requirements, to travel much more conveniently to-and-from Malaysia. Nonetheless, it should be noted that Malaysia continues to report relatively high daily Covid19 cases and companies are still practising enhanced measures to manage the impact of Covid19 on operations.   


ESCATEC business units in Malaysia (ESCATEC Electronics, ESCATEC Medical, ESCATEC Technology, and ESCATEC Mechatronics) continue to operate with very stringent Health & Safety SOPs in place, including restricting entry to non-employees unless very necessary. These SOPs, together with a fully vaccinated workforce and disciplined teamwork, have enabled ESCATEC to sustain its operations globally throughout the course of the Covid19 pandemic. 


We therefore urge our customers and partners to secure approval beforehand from the ESCATEC management team for any intended/planned/proposed trip to an ESCATEC business unit in Malaysia. Our thanks for your kind understanding. 

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