New CEO Stresses the Importance of Building Trust

CEO Patrick Macdonald tells employees their foremost objective is to build trust with customers and colleagues 

Penang, Malaysia - July 20, 2020

On his first day at the Group HQ in Penang, new CEO Patrick Macdonald told employees that their foremost objective is to build trust with customers and colleagues.
Speaking at a townhall meeting with ESCATEC Penang employees, Mr. Macdonald said that customers must know that ESCATEC will go the extra mile to do its very best for them. In the same vein, employees should feel assured that they can have a long and satisfying career with the Group and that management will look out for them.
“We can be proud of our best-in-class processes, equipment and facilities, and we will of course keep building on this, but they don’t mean much unless we continue to build trust with our customers,” noted Mr. Macdonald.
Elaborating on this, he said that trust is built if customers know they can easily contact ESCATEC’s senior management, that ESCATEC will leave no stone unturned to resolve their issues, that decisions and solutions can be reached fast with minimal bureaucracy, and that delivering top quality is in ESCATEC’s DNA.
“We are not as large as the Tier One (EMS) players, but I tell you our current size, our financial strength, our modern facilities and the technology we employ, all these have made us very interesting to some really major companies. They know if they go to one of the Tier One players they will just be a customer number and the bureaucracy can be mind-numbing, but if they come to ESCATEC they can reach the highest management with just a phone call and we will do our very best to accommodate their needs,” said Mr. Macdonald.
He concluded by saying that based on current performance and new customers in the pipeline, ESCATEC is expecting substantial and sustained growth.
General Manager of ESCATEC Penang, Lambert Schutters, at the same event briefed the employees on the Group’s performance in 2020. Financially the Group has done well and the forecast is that the Group will maintain this trajectory moving forward. He noted, however, that there was still room for improvement in the team’s proactive approach to maintaining quality. 
Photo (on the right): ESCATEC CEO, Patrick Macdonald.
Photos below are of the townhall meeting held today, as well as of ESCATEC Penang GM, Lambert Schutters.