ESCATEC Electronics commissions a new robot for a long-time customer

Penang, Malaysia - September 11, 2019

ESCATEC Electronics in Penang recently completed the installation and commissioning of a new Epson T-series Scarra Robot for deployment on a new product for long-time customer “accesso”.
The Twyford, UK, headquartered accesso specialises in providing cutting-edge queuing and ticketing technology solutions for major players in the leisure, entertainment and cultural markets. Its products and services are already in play at some of the world’s top attractions and events - from ski resorts, theme and water parks to major sporting and cultural events.
The new robot at ESCATEC Penang is already operational and at work on the production line for “Prism” – a new generation wrist-wearable device and accesso’s latest offering in its LoQueue virtual queuing solutions. The robot is deployed at the “swipe test” stage of the manufacturing process for the “Prism”, where it accurately and speedily tests the functionality of the display screen’s touch functions.  
Mainly targeted at the leisure and entertainment markets, “Prism” enables operators to provide guests with the ability to schedule ride bookings and other attraction (theme parks and events) services seamlessly and without the need for ticketing kiosks or booths or reliance on mobile phones.  
Compared to a manual process, the robot provides a more stable and repeatable test, minimising the error rate and shortening throughput times as well as seamlessly interfacing with ESCATEC’s MES for full traceability, says Ms. Tan the Project Manager. This particular Epson robot model also delivers lower running and maintenance costs compared to its peers.
“This new robot is just one more step towards our goal of continuous improvement of product quality, enabling us to satisfy the high expectations of our customers like accesso”, states Lambert Schutters, General Manager of ESCATEC Penang.
Credit for the "Prism" image: accesso
Top background image shows the "Prism" production line at ESCATEC Electronics. The bottom image shows the Epson T-series Scarra Robot at work. 
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